( ͦ ᴥ ͦ )♥ so tired.

Couldn't sleep last night. I probably played on my Nintendo DS until around 6 in the morning (Time Hollow). Then after that, both my puppies kept running around the house growling and playing >.< I seriously scolded them like 10+ times and they would stop for a minute and then start all over again *ugghh* so I was in bed and in my PJ's the whole day; surfing the net, chatting, playing FB games etc.. (Lazy stuff). It is 7:29pm now and I still haven't had my first meal yet but i'm about to have some Pasta Salad. *yummy*..
 I was supposed to go in for my new job's training but decided to reschedule..cuz i'm beat. ehhhh...

My diamond Lashes (Glamorous eyes) finally came in. Love them ^^

Some pix I took yesterday before heading to work~ How do you like the color? My friend edited it for me, how nice of him ( ͦ ᴥ ͦ )♥ 

Anyway~ Had Fuku Burger last night. Anyone ever had fuku burger? it's quite good.
I had their signature burger "The Fuku burger"
 Here's an Old pic of us waiting in front of the truck. 

This is the Tamago Burger (Fried Onions and Sunny side up eggs) I dunno anyone else who would put sunny side up eggs on their burgers but it was delicious ^^

Those were old pics, I didn't take a pic of the burger that I just had because it was brought over to me when I got home from work and I had to inhale it because I was so hungry. keke ^^. 

Anyone watched this movie yet? "The Man From Nowhere". It's so good
with Won Bin
Never been a Fan of him until this movie!
Great story line, Great action, Great acting.
Everything is so damn good. Trust me! You can watch it on DramaCrazy.net with ENG sub (use the fast mirror).


An Tran said...

bruce got me to watch that movie lol so good!

Mint said...

Oh yeyyyy you got the glam eye. How you like it?

[❤] Berrii Rowie Pop [❤] said...

An - Yea!!! ultra good!! for some reason I thought he was hot in the movie, but then again, most main actors look hot in movies hahaha

Mint - Yes I did!! I like it! it's long so its more noticeable, is that what u have too? ur lashes always look good so if you have any brands to recommend pass it this way

Christina L. said...

Love the lashes :D that burger looks really good^^ too bad i have nothing like that where i live. I'm loading that movie right now .. i have not seen a good movie in a while >.< thanks for the recommendation.

[❤] Berrii Rowie Pop [❤] said...

Christina - Thanks!! I love their burgers aside from In n Out hahaha Anyway let me know how you like the movie >.<

★33★ said...

I've been trying to pick up diamond lashes at my local Japanese market but they're always sold out now! I'm guessing shipments may be delayed from the earthquake but I wish more stores sold them around here!!!

I love your photo filters ! Sexy sexy!!

(btw won bin is so hot *__*)

JELLY Anna (美儀) said...

Now i have something to do for the next 2 hours wahaha! Thanks for the recommendation, Won Bin looks pretty hot *u*

Sandy ♥ said...

:OO damnnn, look at that burger LOL

those lashes are <333 ^__^

Marie said...

I watched the movie you recommended it is so awesome! I'll never look at Won Bin the same! He is so HOT! I heard Fuku Burger was popular, next time you come down i'll take you to eat Umani Burger its aka the best burger in the world!

[❤] Berrii Rowie Pop [❤] said...

★33★ - I actually got mine from Ebay! it's about $17-$19 I believe. My local Japanese market only has dolly wink but no diamond lash >.<

JELLY Anna - let me know what you think about the movie ^^ I hope you werent disapointed cuz I loved it hahaha

Sandy - haha Yea you should try to Lashes! and the burgers too.. ahha delicious

Amy - Glad U liked it!! it's one of my fav movies now!! hahaha yeaa take meee!! And whenever you come here i'll take u to Fuku burder ^^ it's pretty poppin' especially in the Asian community haha

Mi_Mi said...

Won Bin ❤❤❤❤❤
WOw i love you eye lashes soo pretty^^ thank your^^