Hi Hi!

I have no time to blog much today But I did take some snaps with my webcam after I got ready  . I was scheduled to work from 6-10pm today, such a short shift but i'm not complaining because I feel so lazy 

Sorry About the Poor Web Camera Quality and Lighting hehe.
Anyhow, Want to wish my Litthe sister a....


^^ I'm off now~ See you later. Maybe If i'm not tired I'll blog some more

Just got back from Dropping Susan off and did more Camwhoring haha~ 1 1/2 more hours b4 work.


(^-^*)/コンチャ! Today was my day off~ So I decided to work on my website again. It seems that every time I work on it, I get so carried away that I don't do anything but stay in bed working the whole day (Not even to get up and eat (,,#゚Д゚)  by the end of the day, I would be Starving! 
Presenting You Some Pretty Models For Eye Candy:

Riho Nishiyama (Ageha) ~ She's my Face look role model (So Pretty)

Tsubasa Masuwaka - Super Kawaii  (Born in 85, My Age) She's My Kawaii Look Role Model - Absolute Top Favorite, I even have her book 

Iwata Nonoka (I don't think she's so pretty but I like some of her Punk/Goth Look)

Suzuki Aya ~ I only find her cute sometimes (Just like this pic)

Hosoi Hiromi (Romihi) Another one of my Fav!  <3

Fukudome Arisa 

Yakuwa Satomi

They normally share similar features:
1) Big Eyes
2) Long Eye Lashes
3) Cute button nose
4) Narrow Chin
5) Doll Doll Doll Look (>ω<*)

some pics of me 

Anyway, Off to sleep now~ I feel like I haven't slept on a while, Back to work tomorrow



I also made a New Totoro Desktop Layout

A request from Susan because her fav character is Totoro. It was impossible to find a Totoro desktop theme for her new laptop so I just made one. Here's what it looks like.
If you like it, I also uploaded it for you to download Here:

Made Some New Themes Out of Boredom

I wanted to change my whole Laptop feel for a change and seemed like nothing I found online really satisfied me. I'm so very in love with Rilakkuma & Korilakkuma that I had to change my old Domo Desktop theme. So here it is, I made one for my Desktop and Google Chrome Theme as well, and of course, I'll share it with you guys, So Enjoy ^^

Here's a Screen Shot of my Google Chrome Theme I created. I uploaded them so you can download it here: http://www.4shared.com/file/JtYdx0b_/RilkkumaGoogleChromeTheme_Rowi.html

Here's a Screen Shot of My Desktop Theme. I also uploaded This whole theme for you to download. You can choose Between 2 wallpapers in the Zip File (Rilakkuma (Brown bear) or Korilakkuma (white bear)):

Hope you enjoy these!! They're the first I ever made but I'll be sure to make more in the future ^^


Happy New Year 2011

 Happy New Year Everyone! Hope everyone had fun ^^  Took these pics on Christmas Day on the way to Family's house to celebrate~ My new Year resolution is to be successful in my Berrii Rowie Business, Wish me Luck and at the same time, I hope everyones' dreams will come true.

Jay Chou Concert ~ in Los Angeles on Jan 08

Behold Jay Chou Fans~ His concert will launch on Jan 08 (which also falls on my birthday), In LA, California at the sports arena. Not sure if the tickets are sold out but I got mine ahead of time - Can't wait!! I'll make sure I take lots of pics while i'm there for eye candy purpose ^^ (Hopefully if i'm lucky enough, I can get a hold of an autograph kekeke)
Anyway, I just checked out their facebook site and apparently it's going to be BIG!~ they even need construction workers and equipments to work on the stage. 
The tickets for LA is not available anymore for purchase due to his popularity, but they are still available to grab for other state shows (not sure how much it is, but mine is about $100 USD). GET YOURS WHILE YOU CAN! ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY!!

Kigurumi's and Women Shoes Now available for purchase through BerriiRowie Shop Website.

I am now proud to inform you that after countless hours of solo working on the website, I managed to make some items click-able for you to view, which includes Women shoes and Kigurumi Pijamas. Here are some of my personal favorites ^^
I saw a pair similar to these a while back while window shopping at a High-End department store and I thought to myself "OMG! this is SO hot!!~ How much??" Unluckily, after I turned the shoe around and saw a price tag of a whooping $2000 =___=. Anyhow, these pairs are affordable through My shop (Currently on sale for $105.99 from $155.99). Made out of real leather and silver studs. *Grab them while you can* 

I picked these to have available @ Berrii Rowie Shop because they looked totally "Gal". I keep seeing unique looking ankle boots like these in Fashion Mags like Popsister, Popteen, S-Cawaii and they always looked great with every outfit. These are a must have and looks totally great with tights, Skinny Jeans, or Shorts/Skirts. It gives more of an edge then regular boots~ They surely would draw tons of attention- Hot hot hot! <3
(Currently on sale for $123.99 from $185.99) Made of Authentic Leather and Sheepskin.

What Happens if you Add these Boots + 

These Boots??
You get.......

These!! Yes Total Rocker High Fashion Glamour - Exclusively at Berrii Rowie Shop Currently on sale for $112.99 From $201.99 (Great Deal huh <3)

Kigurumi Pijamas <3 Ultra cute and will keep you warm at night. (Some even wear them out as a fashion statement. Hence picture above of Tsubasa Masuwaka)

Other superstars and Fashion Gals wear them too such as Ultra Kawaii HK Model Angela Baby
Berrii Rowie Shop Has Stitch Kigurumi and various other cute characters as well such as Hello Kitty, Doraemon, Kappa (Japanese Yokai), Care Bears, and even Anime Character from One Piece -- All for $85.99 (normal Kigurumi PJ price ranges are $90+)