What a beautiful Sunday ♥♥♥ + L.A trip

Such a nice weather outside today! For once it wasn't too hot. I was craving for some good coffee so we drove down to Summerlin (Vegas' rich area) to head out to Sambalatte

Inside of Sambalatte Torrefazione
Only premium coffee beans are featured. The selection features a range of coffee from around the globe, providing an ideal experience for the coffee enthusiast. An array of pastries and desserts selections round out the menu including sandwiches, smoothies & gelatos.

Cafe Latte: Topped with some Latte art

Cold Ice Coffee

+++ Sugar (Fancy Packaging)

Macaroons ♥

Snapped my Kuma Bear Mobile Charm hehe

After that, we decided to visit this HUGE wine/liquor store "Total Wine & More". It was as big as a super market. A paradise for all the alcoholics. You could find all sorts of wine, liquor, and beer from every country. It was very fascinating to see some of the unique bottles they had.
Big huh? this is not even 1/4 of it

Johnny Walker Blue Label: Limited Edition King George V

Comes with a hefty price tag too

This place had a room full of cigars too

Then off to next door to Tivoli Village Square to take a stroll. Never been there before but it caught my attention. It was beautiful! The architecture of the place gave an "away from home" feel. I felt like I was in Europe.

Then headed for home after such a relaxing day
Car ride back home... Bummed out style w/ T shirt and Shorts + Flat Sandals. Was lazy to do my hair so I tied it all up and one of my very few times when I didn't wear my false lashes. keke whadevzzz...

Took a 3 day trip to L.A because of Susan's going away. Yep, she is moving back to her parents~ So after some crazy Karaoke Night the night before, we decided to pack up and GO! So I took a bunch of pics with my phone (not the best of quality. Sorry. Was so in a hurry that I forgot my Canon)

Inside Umami Burger

SUCC U!! lol

Nariya Thai Bar/Lounge

We're gangsterrr!! (Indoor Sunglasses sporting @ Night)

Our Hollywood Blvd Walk

New Hollywood fashion~ Must follow hahaha

More of Umami Burger

Outdoor or Indoor?

Not ur Regular Cola, It's Mexican Cola (Sugar Cane instead of Reg Sugar)

Fav Sushi restaurant Zenchu @ Little Tokyo

Wurstküche Beers

Thats right, it says "Snake" on it haha. Raddle Snake + Rabbit Hot dog @_@ it was Julie's hot dog that I took a picture of, I gotta admit that it looked delicious.

Some Stuff I bought...

Kuma Mobile Pouch

Gotta Hit the Sac Now~ See ya zZzZZz... Work tomorrow :'(