Just got back from my Asia Trip

Wah.. I'm majorly jet lagged. Went to Tokyo, Bangkok, and Singapore. Had a blast, especially visiting some old friends. Pic updates: i won't blog much since it's my second blog today. Enjoy the pic


Defining my fashion

For some reason, people had wondered about my fashion preference. I had evolved majorly from one fashion to another. However, there are a few things that had always stuck to me throughout. It's the edgy look, a piece of glam rock with my own touch of course.

My favorites colors: Black, Silver, Gold, Grey, Hot colors, Deep Colors, Pastels (Nothing else in between)

Fashion Favs:
★彡 Oversized Shirts with Leggings.
★彡 Leggings: printed, slashed, shiny
★彡 High Top bottoms include: Leggings, Shorts that don't hug the thighs (destroyed, studded, printed for denims), (Plain simple colors for non-denims)
★彡 High-Cut shirts with High-Top Bottoms or Tucked in
★彡 Vintage/Photographic art graphic tees and Loose Tanks (Thin Fabric)
★彡 Other Preferred Shirt traits: Sheer, decorated collars (blouses), V-Necks, Boat-Necks, One-Shoulder, Bat long sleeves, Short in front&Long in the back, decorated shoulders, puffy shoulders, Prominent Zipper
★彡 oversized sunglasses (Aviators or Square wafers, Big & round frames)
★彡 Prints: Union Jack, Cosmic, Leopard (not overboard though, Leopard getting played out, but i still occasionally wear them, depends what), skulls, Cross, White Tiger
★彡 Jackets: Leather or Fur
★彡 Materials: Metal, Spikes, Crystals,feathers, Fur, Leather
★彡 Bags: Oversized bags, hand-held clutches, duffels
★彡 Jewelry: big links (necklace), charms, busy looking, armor rings, oversized rings, big watches, cuffs
★彡 Skirts: fluffy
★彡shoes: thigh-high, very high wedges, ankle boots, platforms, heavily decorated
★彡 Scarf: Wide and/or Long
★彡Hats: Oversized Caps, decorated, animal ears
★彡 stones: Onyx, Ice Crystals, Mystic Quartz

Dunno what else hahaha can't think of anymore. Anyway of course with all the heavily busy pieces there should be balance as well. Or else i'll look like an accessory rack. But that sums it all

For my 2013 look, i'll stick to what I like, but plan to add more of a space/futuristic/galactic touch to it.

Here are some examples of stuff I like