It's been a while...

[Today's Phone Snaps]

Hi everyone! it's been a while since my last post... I'll try to update you on some news ^^ Ever since, finally done with my training at my new second job at the korean karaoke studio ^^.
Got my first tip last week and first paycheck yay ^^ it's only one day a week, and the rest of the week I work in the pharmacy and go to school. It can be fun, but it IS a lot of running around. i'm also done with spring semester yay! I'm still debating whether I should take some summer classes or wait for fall, financial aid does not pay for summer semester :( although I wish!!, anyhow, i'm happy that summer is already here ^^Anyway, i'm sure you all hate all the rambling and would rather see some pictures right? hehehe.

[Tea Station] I'm such a loyal customer to them. Hahaha. I always order the same thing: Rose Milk Tea w/ Boba (Tapioca balls). Delicious! I can gulp up a large jug after a full meal just because I love it so much. Here are some pics of some of their stuff.. Wintermelon tea there is good too ^^ *i'm a sucker for cold drinks*
Hot Taro Tea with boba

Macha (green tea) Latte. I ordered this THIS time to try it out. It's really really bitter. Should have just stuck to my regular drink.

Here's a LARGE jug of Taro Milk tea

and the Infamous Rose milk tea boba~ (yum)

[Home Cooking]
Been MIA for a while, so I hardly go out to eat these days, although i'm such a lazy bum at home, I forced myself to whip up some home cooking, and OF COURSE I took some pictures to add to my "Food Network" album on Facebook hahaha. I should start taking pictures of my food with my Canon cam instead of with my phone, the food just looks 1000x more delicious!

Spicy Shrimp Ravioli

Beef Salad

Crispy Garlic Shrimp

Some Stir fry ^^

[My Babies]
I was taking pictures of my products that I still have left over from my shop (I temporarily closed down my online shop, no time for it). Yes, I will re-open it again some day but it's just too much work for a busy girl like me. I'm probably going to sell them for a discounted price, and will post the actual product pics on here so you can purchase them if interested ^^. Anyway, I was taking those pics and my little kids kept interfering, so I stopped doing my thing and started snapping pics of them.
Mochii Closeup! She's so cute >.<

Night, 24/7 Hungry

Also 24/7 Lazy

He heard something

Took them outside on the balcony

Say cheese Mochii!!

They love the outdoors, not afraid of height either

Sweet face...maybe too sweet! Let's do something about this!

Gave her a new Hairdo: horns! I tried to make her look vicious!

She still doesn't look threatening [FAIL]

Instead, I have her a mow-hawk hahaha

Mochii You're so cool!!


Lots of Pix + Makeup Tutorial

Car Picture~ Was going to pick up some friends that just came for a vacation (Down and his GF Sophia). Took them to Moon Night Club/Lounge at Palm's casino. I was soo not dressed for a night event at all haha, ~~just came back from a school meeting. >.<

Here is the View from Moon Night Club On the Deck outside, they have tall Glass barriers to prevent drunkies from falling off hahaha. This is the Las vegas Strip View (Sorry for the Blurriness, was taken with my phone)
Had a Long Island Ice Tea and Shot of Tequila (Patron) that night

Past Weekend (Went out to have an all Japanese Hangout day ^^)

Car Ride Pix 

**Ate at Monta Japanese Noodle House** Delicious!!
This is the Pork Belly Bowl

My Tonkotsu Ramen (Boiled Pork Bones) Asked for Nori and Eggs

Miso Ramen

My Favorite Canned Green Tea - Refreshing ^^

Gyoza Was Delicious!

**But that's not the end, I wanted some sweets to pig out on so went to Nakata Market

Ever Had Green Tea Kit Kat? It's the best!! 
Got Some Drinks as Well
Melon Soda

Ramu Soda

And Jasmine Ice Green Tea (You have to try this!)

Doremon Melon Chewing gum (It's so cute)

Bought Sakura Mochi (Filled with red Beans)

Finally the last. Forgot What it's called but it's Green Tea Flavored Tapioca I believe and Red Beans Topping.~ Sweet.

I Also Bought the PA liquid liner. I love it a lot!

Also bought the ELF Cream liner from target. It was only $3.00 I actually love it. We went to target to get puppy toys and some home supplies as well as a birthday gift (Headphones) for our little sister Alisa (she came along).

Here is the difference between the two. Pa liquid liner (left) and Elf creme liner (right). After rubbing, they both still stayed and when I add water, the creme liner took a few more rubs than PA before it disappears.

Contacts got delivered~ Yay 

The Princess Mimi one is Tsubasa's Bambi Serie. the color is called "Sesame Gray"
I love it~ 

Now lets begin my everyday makeup tutorial! (Including Pa, Elf and Sesame Gray contacts)- Pictures Self taken with Camera phone
(it's quite long as I took a lot of pictures, but i'm sure you like pictures right?)

With Concealer stick, apply to imperfections including eyebrows

Smooth it in

After concealer step is complete

Apply foundation (Liquid foundation)

again, smooth it in, even over your brows

Liquid foundation application complete

Apply Loose powder

Loose powder application complete - You'll look like a pale dead zombie but it's ok! lol

Apply blush (I use pink)

Blush application Complete

Apply brow pencil (Use a pencil color that matches with your hair) Here I did my right side (Which is your left, as you can see ^^)

Brow pencil application complete on both sides

Apply brown eye shadow on lids

Brown eyeshadow application complete ^^

With liquid liner, line the top of lash line and draw the outline of wings

Color the wings in

Liquid liner application complete

Apply False eyelashes (My brand is Diamond Lash-Glamorous eye)

Eyelash application complete

If too lazy to apply false bottom lash, you can use a fine liquid liner to draw little lines to form bottom lash illusions.

Go over wings with Black Creme liner (Can use pencil liner as well)

Don't forget the water line

as well as the upper inner corner of the eyes

Creme liner application complete!

Apply Mascara on top lashes

Vertically, apply mascara on bottom lashes

Use eyelash curler !

With Black eye shadow, go over the bottom of your wing again

with brown eye shadow, draw fine contour on bridge of nose and u shape at the bottom like picture

smooth it in vertically, along the line drew

Nose shadow complete

with white shadow stick, apply a straight line along top of nose, inner corner of eyes and right under the arc of eyebrows

smooth it all in

Makeup is complete ^^ That was quite simple isn't it? Hope I didn't scare you with my non-makeup face hahaha. 

After blow drying and straightening my hair ^^ i'm ready to head out now ^^

Hope you liked the tutorial. I had many requests for it and finally took the time to do it as I got ready. *Mission accomplished* hahaha

By the way, I saw the movie Fast Five Last night. It was quite good to my surprise! Go check out out!