Hardly on my desktop

Hey all! Damn! Have not blogged in forever! It seems that my idle periods just get longer and longer~ so sorry! I'm barely on my laptop. I'm ALWAYS however, always on my phone hahaha. This time i'm currently using my phone to blog for the first time. Hope it turns out ok. Haha anyway, I'm so happy! School is finally over and winter break is here! The long struggle in balancing time between work and school had been put off (for now at least) lol. Well next Monday, I'll be flying out of the country~YAY! My first stop will be Tokyo. That's because my retarded air fair has a transit between Haneda airport to Narita airport (Wut?)-Exactly what I'm sayin' haha I have to travel from 1 airport to another to catch my connecting flight T_T *haizz..* but it's ok, I'll have plenty of time. I'll be landing in Tokyo at 5:30am and my connecting flight leaves at 6:15pm. I'll get the chance to explore~ I'll probably spend most of my time in Shibuya hehe. Just gotta figure out what to do first at 5:30am lol. Then my second stop is BKK (Bangkok, Thailand)~ my second time here! So excited! I get to see some old friends, including some that flew in from Virginia/D.C (where I used to live), and some from Cali as well. I know were gonna have such a blast. Everything is so cheap compared to the U.S. you just feel so carefree there. I can get my hair done, my eyelash extensions, nails, spa, and get massaged everyday!

Last time I was here was back in 2006 I believe... I literally felt like such a queen because I stayed at James' sister's humongous house. It was like a museum inside, everything made of polished wood, even some of the walls, and there was a huge glass stair case. Imagine... I was walking around and suddenly encountered a huge wooden battle ship display. That thing was at least 3 times bigger than me. Her furnitures were all Versace (my clumsy butt spilled fruit punch on her couch) lol. Thank god the stain came out! All bedrooms were master suites, the place is gated and there was a stone driveway which formed a circle near the front entrance, and also made its way to the right side entrance, where there's a roof for the cars as well. 6 luxurious and shiny cars were parked there. The backyard was like another world. You really feel like you're in some tropical habitat, huge and tall plants flourished the backyard. Little stone steps would take you deep within the greens and then would lead to a secluded pond where dozens of koi fish reside. There was a little waterfall from the rocks above the pond, and benches and a coffee table . That is the spot where I mostly enjoyed my morning sipping on coffee. Keke.

Besides all that, that was not the best part! One experience that I've never had before was the fact that there were 2 maids. They did everything! I would wake up in the morning and breakfast was ready. While I ate, they would clean down my room and do my bed and even mop the whole room. When I come back to the room to get ready, all my clothes had been hand-washed, ironed, and neatly folded in my closet (including the clothes I wore the night before. Couldn't believe they were back in my closet all clean). In the evening, as soon as I entered the house, a glass of cold ice water was then automatically placed next to me at the nearest table, or handed to me). Impressed!!

Anyway, this trip will be different though... Since I'll be staying in a hotel instead haha James' sister is actually here in Vegas, and she'll be staying for a while. My last stop, after a week and a few days in BKK, will be Singapore! It'll also be my second time there. I'll be there to check out the new hotels and casinos (since I'm in the hospitality field), as well as visiting friends.^_^ I really want to go to Universal studio there as well hehehoho *greedy* and dine on top of marina bay sands. What a plan! Haha!

That would basically sum up my small 3-week vacay. I'll also be celebrating my Birthday there on Jan 08 (so old). While saving money, i'm probably not doing anything for Christmas, and I'll be spending New years on the plane lol~ it's okay, we'll save the fun for later hehe.

I'll make sure I'll post up some pics of the trip and tell you all about it ^_^.

Oh yea, I uploaded some new pics on here but I'm not sure how it will turn out since i'm blogging with my phone.
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Have not blogged for months

Hey all~ I have not blogged again for months. I'm not sure if anyone even checks this stuff anymore. However, i'm guessing it's a good way to to relieve some stress. After a long summer break from school, I feel more motivated than ever to start this new fall semester!~ I wonder how long it's going to last though.. lol all this talk about goals and success can only keep me motivated for so long until I run into some difficulties then I tend to over-analyze things and then things start to stall and stall and stall... eh. However, I found that taking more classes keeps me more focused on school work. As long as i'm more organized and try as much as I can to get involved, i'm sure i'll easily follow through.. It's all about staying on top of things.

I've been focusing a lot about getting my life organized, simply by building up a complex schedule for myself including work, school and the gym. That's right, the "GYM" lol. I took up Yoga and Pilates class.. it is a huge step for me since I normally don't go venture off in the unknown by myself.. Nevertheless, it was worthwhile. What's not to love about toning up your muscles and feeling relaxed at the same time? These are the types of workouts that would give you that "slim" and lean figure because you are not building muscle mass, but rather you are just stretching and toning your muscles (also victoria's-secret-models' work-out regime).

At work, it's just really fast paced so my cardios are pretty much set. All night i'm on my feet walking and sometimes running around. It also includes carrying heavy trays, climbing ladders, carrying multiple buckets of drinks, etc...And on the side, I've been taking a few vitamins as well (which is an extra step because I used to hate taking anything that looks like medicine).

-One a day for women (multivitamins): I tend to skip meals and breakfast due to my lack of time, I'm lactose intolerant and I don't really eat fruits. I'm pretty sure I lack a lot of vitamins of some sort so this would help me start my day off with a kick.

-Hair, Nails and Skin Supplement: Due to lack of vitamins (so I assume), because my nails are so brittle and my over-processed hair is all damaged.. I don't know if it's just me, but I actually do see results.

-Chromium Picolinate: Another supplement that increases the efficiency of your insulin level . It helps prevent high cholesterol and high blood pressure. It is also a great weight loss supplement by boosting up your metabolism and prevents the cravings of carbs and sugar which then produces fat.

-Diurex: Diuretic pills are water pills. Sometimes your body just fills itself up with fluid and makes you feel bloated or fat because of water weight gain. Well these pills are used to absorb the excess water your body retains, thus leading you to lose water weight. While taking these pills, it is important to keep a well-balanced diet as well to make this temporary weight-loss become permanent. Athletes use it, especially in boxing to lose a ton of weight within a period of 2 or 3 days so that they could box in a certain weight category. However, if over-abused, it may be deadly because one may suffer from major dehydration. Therefore, please take as instructed on the box.

Lastly, I always try to improve my self image at least dramatically each year. If you feel like you look good, you will feel good, and that will give you the confidence to do things that will surely benefit you. Am I right? ^^

I'm done with my long blabbering now haha. Here are some newly updated pix of me.
This is taken from a small video clip I made

No more bangs. Have you noticed? ^^ My style has also changed a bit. I guess I'm getting older before I know it hehe. Beauty is truely a hard battle to triumph. I went through braces, through weight struggle (major up and downs), self-esteem struggle, the hardship of learning how to do makeup, to shape eyebrows, to style hair (especially having really coarse hair), to dress appealingly. Even resulted into masking my flaws with photoshop. Now, I can comfortably say that I discarded the idea of even "photoshopping" my pictures for a very long time. I've improved in every aspect of past struggles that I no longer need it anymore. Also, my skills may use a bit more polishing, I am more confident than last year and the year before that and certainly a decade before as well. I have learned to embrace what I have once thought of as a flaw (I'm loving my big forehead, gives me a more "doll-like" appearance"). I like my big lips, they are luscious, I love the size of my chest (believe it or not, I always wanted to appear and be flat chested--So I never wear padded bras, EVER). I love the fact that I have some curves, and not stick skinny (like I always wanted to be). I love the fact that my skin is really white (I used to want to be tanned when I was younger and tried to stay out in the sun as long as possible). I love the fact that I am petite and small because isn't it cuter? to look like someone can just put you in their pockets and carry you around. Everything that I used to hate about myself, I'll need to start finding the beauty in it.. people are infatuated by your confidence, that's what I have learned. I'm still struggling with it until now but it's dramatically improving ^^.

Anyway. I'm sure I need to proof-read my blog. but i'm way too lazy. I'm sure you know what I mean. keke



Sorry for the SLOW posts (Wuv You!)

Sorry, Sorry and Sorry again. I really do not keep up with this ever since I got an Iphone, I hardly use my laptop anymore. On top of that, there's my busy life and I hahahaha (<--grammar check!). Anyway, I just realized that a lot of stars nowadays are younger than me. For example, Lady Gaga!  W T H~ I really thought she was a lot older than me but she's actually a year younger. On top of that, all the new K pop stars and rising models and actresses are all younger... Before I know it, I'm considered old now. *sigh*. I'm still working hard towards my goals, who knows when I'm going to attain it. I guess as long as I don't stop I'll end up being better than I was yesterday. Anyhow, stress had taken a huge toll on me. Especially with busy work schedule, more bills, and school. A big let down that happened last week was the disappearance of Mochii, my little (Shorkie). I miss her so much. I posted signs all around the neighborhood, searched for hours on a daily basis, registered a lost report on many websites and update craigslist all the time. I also made 3 trips to the animal shelters so far. Still no word. To some, a dog may just be a dog, easily replaceable, just like a broken or lost object. But she on the other hand, is my world! I raised her since she was only 6 weeks old. I hug her when i'm sad, and when i'm crying. She sleeps right next to me everyday, she lays on my lap when I watch TV or when I study. She would follow me around everywhere, and when she's scared I'd be there for her and when I'm lonely, I can talk to her. Just seeing her makes me so happy! She makes my day brighter when I come home exhausted from work. The other day I was driving home from work at 3am. And I kept singing "Mochii, mochii.. chi-chi-chi mochii chi" and it got louder and louder as I felt a knot in my throat and tears streaming down my cheeks... I used to sing little random songs to her with her name whenever I play with her... and reality just hit me that night- she's really gone... what happened you asked? It is all a blur and vague to me. I wasn't there to witness what had happened since I was at work. James decided to have some friends over and have a cookout and drinks before heading out. He let the 2 pups outside in a fenced back yard to play around while the glass door was open so the cooking smell would come out. The strong winds picked up and suddenly slammed an open door in the house as his friend came in from the garage on the other side... next thing you know it, she was gone.. she squeezed herself through the fenced door, and marks of digging took place. she must have gotten scared and ran off then got kidnapped...
oh Mochii.. I miss you

Here are some more picture spams of Moi. I've been going for the more "grown-up/lady-like" look lately. I guess a part of growing up is appearance. Professionalism and the way you dress defines the type of person you are. As I get older, I need to worry about being presentable for potential positions in the business industry. Of course, adding my own fashion flares as well. However, occasionally, I'd stick to my usual funky style as well.... and very often... a bum style when I don't have plans to go out shopping or hang out with friends. hahaha.

Before removing my makeup for bed.
I decided to have a more natural makeup approach as well. Summer time is coming, no need for the caked on makeup look~ (Go BB cream!)

Went to see Steve Aoki at XS and Kaskade at Marquee this past 2 weeks (was fun). The champagne bottle i'm holding is delicious! (Ace of spades)

At the Suite at Encore.. Texting it up.
and of course.. must entertain my visitors ^^

New buys: 
Went car shopping - Yay!! Love my new car (Lexus ES350) long lasting and premium package (leather seats, cooling/heating & memory seat options, GPS system, Blue tooth phone system, etc, etc...)

My new awesome clutch~ I've been eyeballing it for a while. The knuckle rings what caught me!

Hotel Del Coronado - San francisco. Spectacular!

Me at Andaz Night Club. On a bed on top of the roof - sick ^^ (San Francisco)

Time to head off to class now~ I'll blog some more later if I figure out what else to blog about. By the way, pls follow me on instagram RowieSoux
You can literally see all my pics, food and trips there~ Quite interesting ^^