1 Night at Norebang

We had a get together today for Norebang session, and I think it got a bit out of hand because I have a final exam tomorrow >_< Anyhow, this week will be full of celebrations because It's my grad week, and a bunch of friends will be flying in as well. Plus, I'll finally be free from the agony of school... 

With Marco ^^ ~ Lighting from the sun is always the best when taking pictures. But that thing was shinning in my eyes *squints*

With Yo-Sub Lee, Jacob Mintae Kim, Antonio Cheon & James Eng *celebration*~ digging my new hot pink LA hat (Thanks Jacob) <33
Jacob wanted me to take a pic of his Jordans. What a baller haha

Finally, ended the night with Zach chillen' outside~ *sorry for the selfies overload hahaha*... with Yo-Sub missing in action, I'd say it was a successful night lol

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Love snapbacks

I am in love with Snapbacks, cant't get enough of them:


Buckle ones in the back are perfect to wear them reversed style

TRUCKFIT: love the shape of it.

Jack Badass:

Aqua Green, Add some colors

Snakeskin Buckleback:

NEW YORK: East coast!

3D Acrylic Designs:

I think I have enough to start my own shop lol...


Hello 2014

Hello 2014. I've just celebrated my birthday and I wasnt so excited about the fact that I'm getting older. "Time is running out" you're no longer in your teens, you're hitting the midlife crisis, You no longer have all the time in the world. I admit, I've bloomed and matured quite slowly...I'm late with everything, mainly thanks to my infamous flaw of procrastination. You don't realize how old you are until you start witnessing your friends with a family of their own (especially those younger than you). *sad*.

Anyhow, as I'm older now, I realized that I've dwelled on comfort my whole life.... After analyzing and processing my thoughts, my life experiences, my current situation and my desires, an epiphany arose. Instead of wasting away my youth in comfort and questioning whether i'm content at this point, why not just experience more until the very end when it's time to make critical life decisions such as; "where would I want to settle, who am I going to marry, or what should my career be for the rest of my life, where should I retire, when do I have kids...". There is a time limit to make those decisions and people are in most cases afraid of changes, but ultimately, I believe that there are things that are yet to be discovered. Not just about this world, but about yourself as well. In other words, the more exploration and life experiences you encounter, the more you'll be able to truely understand yourself simply because you've been exposed to various settings. Security and comfort is passé and should be meant for when there are no more fuel left inside you to burn. The slightest desire to step outside and not doing so will eat you alive, obstructing life satisfaction.

If you were on your death bed at this moment. Are you satisfied with what you've lived through so far? Have you done everything you ever wanted? Have you had no regrets? If I was at an old age, looking back at my life, I would like to believe that I've done everything I possibly could to make it worth while.

Til next time ^^

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