Finally bought the new iphone 4s

Hey everyone! Just want to share with you my new buy ^^ and tell you about me experience with my first iPhone ever!. Anyway, I decided to go with Verizon and cancel my T-mobile account. I was going to choose Sprint until my friend told me that it was extremely slow. I then went to the apple store to test it out myself and he was right. iPhone is extremely slow on sprint, I even tested the regular iPhone 4 on Verizon compared it to the 4S on sprint and Verizon's phone was WAYYYY faster. I went to the Apple store at the Forum Shop because since it's a tourist spot, they were bound to have more stocks. I went to the one at Town Square and they ran out of Verizon ones. Luckily, I got to Forum Shop on time because I got the last one hahaha!!

Since I already went APP crazy. I'm going to share with you some kawaii apps that I downloaded.
Tokyo Fashion -[Free]
Gives you daily snaps of street fashion wear in Japan & Read about fashion news and articles including popular brands <3 

HARAJUKU STYLE collection [Free]
Special Gal Fashion photo book while they were in Shanghai

Customize your pictures and make them ultra cute with kawaii stamps and sparkly rollers just like when taking real life purikura pix ^^~ It's a bit laggy though

Smile Cat [Free]
This is a Korean app that will allow you to edit and customize your pictures. It is intended for you to create cute postcards. It is one of my favorite photo editing tools. No Lag.

Here are some stuff that I created with this app. I used these as my iphone wallpapers 

RAKUGA-cute [Free]
My favorite photo editing app of all time! No lags, so many stamps and items to choose from including designs, but you will have to purchase the unlocked items for $3.99 but it is totally worth it.

This is what I made hahahaha

Bumping-Bears [Free]
I love this game! It's so cute! You basically get to pick your bear and customize it then take care of it. It lives on a doughnut as their planet and you can raise more than bears. The doughnut planet can also be customized. You can play games and send it to work as it gets bigger and you can also visit other planets and interact with other iphone users.
My bear's name is "Butabo" because he's fat and round like a piggy hahaha.

Nail & Hair [Free]
Need some ideas on some hair or nails styles? Here's the app for you! It's the hair and nail catalog!

Kawaii Pet MEGU [Free]
It's like tamagochi but way better! You raise your pet, feed it food, clean up after it and it will grow. You can have your pet interact with other pets and also decorate and upgrade your habitat.~ Super kawaii

Barcode KANOJO [Free]
I didn't start playing yet but I downloaded it. They don't have japanese dating sims games for girls that are translated in English, but I found this for the guys. ^^ Basically you scan a barcode and your virtual girlfriend appears. I'm not sure about the details because I have not started yet. But I think you can also interact with other players. Looks cool.

Crunchyroll [Free]
Watch popular Anime and Asian dramas on you iphone complete with subtitles. They have a huge selection and you'll never be bored. Ultra clear! The only downside is the commercials. But that 's normal ^^

Rilakkuma Touch [Free]
These are for die-hard fans of Rilakkuma bear! it's just so cute! you can touch it and make it react to you. I didn't play on this app much, but I'll learn more about it~ I also downloaded the Rilakkuma alarm clock haha

Komic Connect [Free]
Welcome to the wonderful world of Manga, there are many many many selections, 290+ mangas for you to read. 

FX Photo studio [$0.99]
I was able to create really cool picture effects with this app, it has about 194 photo effects and filters. I love it! It's essential to your work of art if you are into photography. 

From this...

To This....
Super cool!

Office Jerk [Free]
This game is soooo funny! Keeps making me laugh out loud literally hahahah! It's wrong to bully people in real life so might as well take out your anger on this guy! lol! he plays as the guy who has an office right in front of you. You can keep throwing different things at him and his surroundings and watch his reactions. You can unlock different objects as you get more coins and can purchase them.

Djay [$0.99]
Be the DJ and plug your phone to a speaker so you can mix songs and add awesome effects to it. Great for party events.

Anyway, that is all for now for my share of apps that I've downloaded. I have a lot more on my phone but I just wanted to share with you my favorite ones.

~By the way, I just ordered my new phone case yay! Can't wait to receive it!!! 
For now, I still have the 2 films protecting my phone from scratches. Those are the films that the manufacturer provided. I know i'm supposed to take them off but not before I receive my case and my screen protector. I also bought the screen protector online because it was cheaper. I didn't want to pay $15.00 for screen protectors. Instead, I bought a pack of 10 online for about $2.36.

This is my phone case that I ordered (The clearest white one) So pretty ^^ I love Vivienne Westwood orbs.
there are also a few cases that were uber cute.

I'll post more later. need to go get ready for work. Please check back for updates on this blog ^^