The Gazette New PV + More Great songs

I'm currently in love with this song from The Gazette.

The Gazette - "The Pedge" (Japanese)
Please listen and enjoy. It's so beautiful.

Anyway~ Let me introduce you to some more of my favorite songs. They are not in order, but hopefully you will enjoy them. I mostly like songs that will give you emotions while listening to them, mostly accompanied by piano melodies as well. ^^

Baek Ji Young - "Like being hit by a bullet" (Korean)

The Trax - "Over The Rainbow (Piano version) (Korean)

LoveHolic - "Shinkirou" (Korean)

Olivia Lufkin - "A Little Pain" (Japanese)

Scary kids Scaring Kids - "Watch Me Bleed" (English)

Saosin - "You're not alone" (English)

Supechic[k] - "Stand In the Rain" (English)

X-Japan - "Endless Rain" (Japanese)

Yamashita Tomohisa - "Loveless" (Japanese)

Ft. Island - "Saranghajimayo" (Korean)

Nicholas Teo - "Dusk" (Chinese)

Rainie Yang - "Ai Mei" (Chinese)

Yoshiki & Dahlia - "I'll Be Your Love" (Japanese)

Sugizo & Vivian Hsu - "Tata" (Chinese)

That's it for now. Hope You Enjoy!!


New Hair Color \(^▽^*)

How Do you like My Ash Blonde Hair? I've always wanted my hair this color!*Very Happy*
(I'm holding my bulky phone hehe)

My Shoes Has Finally Arrived!! O(≧∇≦)O. 

I Quickly Unwrapped it Like its Christmas all over again!

My Black Flat Boots With Chains and Studs

My Bohemian Boots~ Fur and Warm inside >.<

Another Bohemian Type Shoe ^^

Hot Pink Glossy Boots >.<

Also! took a bunch of pictures of my stuff for Poupee Girl~ I'm getting quite addicted to it haha. Wanna share my stuff to the world ^^. I never realized how much stuff I have until I started playing this game. Here is a glimpse of a few stuff I uploaded on Poupee Girl today.

~(=^・・^) I'm a Shopaholic~ 

** Just finished Eating my first meal of the day at 4pm. I hate eating by myself so I hardly do it, even when i'm starving. ε-(´・`) フー 
I ate some
Garlic Rice Cooked in Chicken Broth and Broiled Eggs + Apple Juice (I love Juice)

I wasn't able to finish my food. So I Gave the rest to my little puppy Mochii. She's a pig on the inside hehehe
( ´(00)`)

**Mochii Just had Operation In this Picture (3 days ago) But now she is Hyper all over again **

2 Nights ago We went to Bazics to Eat Sizzling Stir fried Chicken Gizzards and Chicken Wings + Pickled Radish. Delicious! Then we ended up at the Karaoke...

The Images in the girl's bathroom wall was very disturbing lol.. And reaked of Chlorine on top of that

Bathroom Shot ^^ 

Emerson Pouring us Beer (3500 cc Draft. It is so tall!)

Funny Karaoke Book Name

Added Mango and Lychee Soju (Lychee was delicious)

Hite: Korean Beer *Cold*

Huge Karaoke Remote. That night I sang *Rose- Anna Tsuchiya, First Love - Utada Hikaru, A Little Pain - Olivia Lufkin, Forever Love - X.Japan, and Much more English Songs*

Thats it for now. Will blog more soon ^^


New Layout ~ Poupee Girl Updated ❤

Had an informative day in class all bout Kimpton Hotel. I think I will start staying there from now on, because it is a place where you can bring your pet in for free, and you can even bring 2 pets. They will also take care of them for you at no charge, and rated the best Boutique hotel in the U.S.

Anyway, Besides that, I finally found some time to make a brand new layout for my blog
❤ How do you like it ❤ (^∇^) *Hello Kitty, Bear, Sweets and Balloons* ~Kawaii ne? hehe.
Also, I started updating my Poupee girl and posted some of my items. Actually, I only have 14 items posted up for now because after a certain amount of item posts in 1 day, you will no longer collect ribbons (so your posts will go to waste until you post again the day after). I took a lot of pictures to save in my computer and update as much as possible daily. Here is a screen shot of what I have got so far, and my poupee girl's new outfit ❤.

See my Doll's Outfit? ^^ My favorite looks are: Bohemian/Spring, Rocker,Western Looks and Onii-Kei (Tomboy look with Girl elements)
Looks from Blenda, Popteen and S-Cawaii.

Here are the few Items that I have posted up. Most bought in the U.S
Will post more tomorrow. I received almost 700 Ribbons but almost spent them all >.<
http://pupe.ameba.jp/profile/J6iT69ya-rhC/ (Please add me as a friend)


New Ameba Pigg & Poupee Girl Account ♥

( ^_^)/ やぁ! ~
Just came back from a hectic long day of work. And I finally made myself an Ameba Pigg
 accountto see what the hype was all about. Hence my "Mini Me" (._.)

http://ameblo.jp/berrii-rowie (Please add me as a friend ^^)

Here is My poupee Girl account: berrii_rowie@live.com
I still just started on this game also. I previously had an old account but decided to start over ^^
Anyway. The more pictures of your cute clothes and accessories, the more ribbons you get.
Ribbons are basically like money and you can use them to buy cute clothes for your avatar ^^
Please add me as a friend ^^

Anyway. That is all for now ^_^ aside from this, I also have some new pictures !

Had Preppy style school uniform on *Do I look Intelligent?* hehehe
Was on the way to friend's house for a BBQ

 On the way to go watch a movie at the theaters *Red Riding Hood*. Did not really like the movie much.
It was mostly corny hahaha.
Actually, my hair now is a little bit lighter and has an ashier tint than these 2 pics. I recently dyed it again.
and will have to do so until I achieve my desired hair color, which is very Ash (poor hair). But I will make 
sure that I give them at least 1 to 2 weeks time in between.

On top of that, I have done quite a bit of shopping. After the mall, I did some online shopping.
4 pairs of shoes. and Weft hair extensions (So I can have waist long hair now keke)
(*≧▽≦) Let me show you!!~ Mostly bought flat shoes because
that's what I like to wear the most.
In shoes, I like either Flat or Wedges and Boots of
all sorts ^^
Pink Pointy/ Shiny boots 

Hippie/western look~ reminds me of one of Tsubasa's shoes in Tsubasaism book.

Of course more black boots~ Comfy, Stylish and goes with anything

Another tan pair of boots ~ best suitable with denims.

~~ That's all for now! Will post more Next time~~
(*^^)^*) ☆Chu!!


Deco Deco Deco ^^

I went to the post offices today before class and picked up my parcels knowing that my Decoden stuff had arrived!!! ^__^

Then when I reached class, I found out that class was canceled so~~ Eagered to start decorating my mobile phone, I rushed home and got to work!!

It took some force to do the whip cream part but it was easy to manipulate. Then I started adding the cabochons on one by one. then ended up with adding on little gems.. after I realized that I had more left over, I just went a little crazy with it and stuck it everywhere I could hahaha.
Then I squeezed some pink sauces on the waffle.. but then i thought "Hmm.. I didn't use enough pink sauce" so I went a little overboard with it too. Like putting pink sauce on the side of the whip cream... then stuck more gems onto it lol
anyhow, I don't have a clear pic of my creation at the moment but here's what it looks like.

Does it look Delicious? ^_^
I can't wait for it to completely dry!! so far, it's drying rather quickly. I'll probably let it sit for a day or so.
I'll take better pics with it later on.
Wonder where I got my stuff?
They don't only have sweets but also lolita, princess, cute decors
They have the cutest Decoden supplies. However, I bought my Whip Cream and Pink Sauce from Estsy "Miniature Sweet"
It's rather addicting. My Nintendo DS is Probably next haha.

Here are some other designs that I like:
Sweet ^^
Yummy~ Decoden is not only made for Mobile phones
Colorful & Delicious
Princess Mobile <3 Kawaiiiiii
Princess Sweets
Hello Kitty Princess Mobile ^^
So In Love with this one!! 
Delicious Chocolate (・ェ-)

Want to create but have no idea where to start? there are design books available. Or just get your inspiration online (^____^=)

\(o ̄∇ ̄o)/

**That's it **

Btw: Here are my 2 Fav Gyaru model's official blogs: 
Such pretty pictures...

By The way~ There is a way for you to read their blogs in english. Just use Google Chrome Browser, it will translate it for you automatically. Sometimes it doesn't make much sense, but it will help you understand most parts :P

now i just need a charm that will go with my phone