Finals week *Fighting~Fighting*

I was just done with one of my finals. It was the one for my cooking class. It was pretty sad that I had to say goodbye to my fellow classmates~ I'm sure we'll see each other again. hehehe. Anyway, I am turning 27 next month... Time runs by so fast.. I need to hurry up and finish school.. I wish I could live the life of a regular student, living on campus, in a dorm, getting to know more people at school and get together to study. However, being where I am now, I can't. I have bills to pay, I have my own place, I have a lot of expenses.. I have to grow up faster than I wished. I have to work so hard maintaining 2 jobs and full time school. On top of that, I have to come up with my own funds towards my education. I used to live with my parents, working only 1 day a week. Everything was provided for me, but after I moved out, I fully learned what being an adult was all about. I know now that my goal is to get my degree asap. I keep getting nagged at "when are you going to be done? You're getting old now and you still have not accomplished anything". Well, my response is that If I had the money to not have to work and take as many classes as possible, I would. I'm not getting any help here, therefore things will have to go at my own pace. It is not a fast one, but I will someday make it as long as I don't give up.

Anyway, I've been doing some studies at the library~ luckily it closes at 2am because it took me a while before I even reached that destination hahaha. I had to cook at home, and wait for my friend to come over and have dinner~ by the time we were done, it was almost 4pm. Then, before going to the library, we decided to go to Seattle's Brewery to get some coffee to wake us up~ and again, we took our precious time.. hahaha.. On the way to UNLV, we started talking about crabs~ King crabs, blue crabs, etc...We ended up saying "Screw it!! Let's go eat some crabs first" hahaha~ We ended up at Crabhouse.
Our tools
1/2 dozen of blue crabs (female) yay!! Eggs are in season!! *yummy*
King crab legs ^_^

Finally after being full, that's when we decided to go to the library and we studied until midnight
3 of us studying together on the 5th floor of the library.

I love UNLV's library.. It's so big.. It looks more like a convention center hahaha Theres even a coffee shop on the first floor.. There's many private study rooms and tons of computer labs. You would easily get lost in there~ Because I have before haha. There are 5 floor, equiped with elevators.
View from the top floor next to our table~ Pretty nice right? ^^

After studying, we decided to meet up with some friends at "Soyo Barstaurant" haha It's a korean place~ Considering the fact that most of my friends here are Koreans, that's where we love to hang out. We had some steamed pork with wraps and spicy oyster. ~ Tasty tasty.
...ZzZzz... End of the night.

Pajama time!! xox.zZzzz....

Oh by the way, I took some snaps of one of my work place~ It was uber slow so I decided to take some shots. I work at a norebang (Korean Karaoke Studio).
Area where people can wait and drink outside of the private karaoke rooms

View from the front desk haha

Rowie @ Work ^^

My LED artwork~ there's a diff one in front of each room~ See how it can flash in diff colors haha. I decided to draw Gominam~ Pig rabbit from "You're beautiful" hehe

here's another one in front of our VIP room

Snow Globe ^_^ In time for the holidays.

Lastly, The LED panel on top of our front counter near the register~
**how do you like my artwork? hehehe*

Sorry it's dark~ -__-

Throughout the whole semester, I've been proof reading and correcting/editing my friend's English paper. He's been having A's all along. I guess being nice really pays off because He treated me to Sushi ^_^ My all time favorite food!! We went to Kaizen because a friend works there and she could provide us unlimited drinks haha

Fresh oysters~ In Love!! We ordered 24 oysters like the pigs we were.

Dragon Roll

Japanese Lasagna

Spicy Tuna on crispy rice

My all time favorite... Ikura with Quail eggs. ~ Ahh just looking at this picture makes me hungry!!

Anyway we ordered a lot more but I didn't get to take a picture of it.
After that, we decided to head out for a night of bowling~ Our other friends told us to meet up at the bowling alley at midnight~ *Isn't it late for a meeting?*
There was 8 of us ^^ we each had 4 people on each team and we all put 5 dollars in the pot. Team with the highest score takes all! it was a close game but~ We won!~ *woohoo! got 5 bucks!*

Kahluah Sour~ Only for $1 I was shocked at their happy hour price
3 Beers~ $2.00 each

Snap of our last game~ I'm the first one "R" hehehe

After that, we decided to go downstairs to have some $3.99 New York Steak and eggs. It is an after hour special.
I like mine medium rare
our sourdough toast~ is it breakfast already? well it was almost 4 or 5am at the time >.< *guilty for staying out too late* and note to self: If I keep hanging out with guys, they'll keep getting hungry... ehhh~

This weekend, Ray and Annie came from Oregon~ (they're originally from California)~ haha I had to mention that everytime i introduce them to others lol. We went out to eat Dimsum (@Orchid Garden), then off to grab some boba before heading out to the mall to shop.

Mouth watering!!

wahh... Jang Geun Suk on Volcano tea's wall!!... i'm so sad that I missed the Kpop Billboard concert on Nov 23 :'(

Anyway, we first went to H&M at the Forum Shop (Caesar's Palace). It's the biggest H&M in the world.
I saw a cute jacket I tried on...~ Don't mind me, I was bumming out.. Didn't feel like doing my hair so I tied it haha

Then off to Forever 21~ Took some snaps of a few cute clothes.
I need a silver shirt >.<~

Awesome studded shirt~ The fabric is super thin though.. Dunno if I would like that haha

I normally don't wear dresses but I like this, it's pretty sexy~ Dunno If it would suit me though hahaha

I quickly noticed the clutch on this picture and went to ask the Forever 21 staff, but noyone have ever seen it yet >.< bummerr... I want it!!!...Anyway, I walked out with one item~ Of course I couldn't resist and couldn't come out empty handed.
My new shirt ^^~ The material is thick like a sweater so It keeps you pretty warm :)

I bought a few things online also~ I received 3 Items~
Be Clear moisturizer by Etude House. When it tells you on the package that it is a skin whitener, it truely is.. It feels like applying a milky emulsion on your skin and tints it a bit to make it whiter haha. It's not recommended for darker toned people or else your face and neck will look like it's a completely different shade. Overall, I like this product~ It's good for me. Although, I wished it was creamier and thicker in terms of texture.. My skin is very dry, especially on the cheeks~ so I would need more than that. But it smells extremely good!! *I still use it everyday*

My bottom lashes came in!! Have not opened it yet but it looks nice!! I ordered top ones too but it's still on the way~ Will blog about it when it comes.. That and the Tony Moly Lip scrub and Tony Moly Latte Art Morning Pack.

They gave me free mini samples along with the Etude house Moisturizer~ So cute!!

I just set up my Christmas tree!! yay!! ~ My work~, Done all by myself~ What do you think? ^^

Last but not least, A shot of Mochii snoozing~ zZzzz... *So cute*


Pix Explosion & more awesomelicious apps for iphones ^^

Another blog about my everyday life... "What's the point of blogging about your everyday routines and life" some say...~some people may find it pointless to do so, trying to come up with unique topics to blog about while skipping weeks and weeks or even months of blogging waiting for a "ureka topic" to pop up. But you know what? One person's normal lifestyle can be interesting and aspiring to others. On top of that, upon re-reading my blogs, they tend to remind me that my life is not as dull and boring as I thought it was~ haha~ It's like a memory recorder. We often take our lives and experiences for granted, not noticing the little good things that makes you smile at that moment. So that is why, here I am, sharing with you, all the way from Las Vegas NV, my Life and very normal daily stuff that happens in it. I take many pictures everyday and that helps me reminisce about the little things that I have forgotten about.

I made this with Rakuga-cute program ^^

The Camwhoring does not stop here...
...End of session... hehehe^^

[Meanwhile let's start with what I did on Saturday]... I went to Town Square for dinner at Brio. It was my first time dining there and I had always wanted to try it... I tried to go before but it had failed since the wait was way too long. This time it was a 35 minute wait. I couldn't pass the chance again so I went ahead and waited.. Luckily, it only took 15 minutes before our buzzer went off. Anyway, Brio is a Tuscan grille restaurant~ I heard nothing but great things about this place.
Such a nice elegant restaurant..
It was freezing outside so nobody ate there... They have large fire pits on the other side... I saw a couple sitting there sipping wine... But it was way too cold for me.
There were several cute little Christmas Trees near the entrance doors.
The decor was beautiful and cozy!~ it was also such a big place!
...View from my dinner table~ Table for 3 ^^
Delicious bread and butter
My favorite soup of ALL TIME: Lobster Bisque~ While I was enjoying my soup, I realized that I forgot to take a picture hahahaha!~ Yes..I did it after it was almost all gone.
I love chardonnay~ This one is an Italian white wine.
Can't go wrong with Blue Moon Beer (Wheat beer)...hehe

Crab and Shrimp Ravioli with tomato base Lobster sauce (my dish)

Medallion Medium Rare Steak with Grilled shrimp and rice

Brick-Grilled Shrimp with Rice (Sorry for the darkness. I didn't edit my pics~ Got lazy) haha

After dinner, we took a stroll around Town Square. 
Beautiful Extra Gigantic Christmas Tree

It lights up different colors!!!.... That reminds me.. I have to put up my huge pink Christmas tree too haha

Santa's House~ I took a peak in it....So made me want to go in and Sit on his Lap!~ Hahaha! He looked so cuddly!~ However, I know that underneath the disguise, he's probably not who he appears to be. lol
It was cold so ended the day with hot Rose Milk Tea to go~from Tea Station. (my fav)

[Today~] my last day of cooking class!! it was the day of our practical! It was basically like iron chef! You are given a time limit to make a soup, salad and entree, and given three random cooking methods. You are then required to apply those cooking methods to the surprise basket of ingredients that you'll have to use up. In my team's case, we got [Poaching, Grilling, and Marinate]. We had to apply that to a bunch of veggies, pork, and shrimp. I had to be the leader of course -___-.. Anyway, it was so hilarious as there were at least 5 people that came in late.. They were all required to do 20 push-ups~ Hahaha~luckily, all the late ones were males.
Took a quick snap of my fellow classmate in action LOL

Anyway, with all the hectic stuff going on with the menu & preparation planning, this is what we came up with.

Pork stew with carrots, potatoes and sweet potatoes for our soup (messy plating, that's because we started plating early and realized that it wasn't time to plate yet.. afraid that we would loose points for that, we dumped the soups back in the pot and later re-scooped it) lol
Grilled pork salad with crispy onions on top and a Japanese salad dressing (Sesame oil, Mayo, Shoyu, Hot sauce)
For our entree, we did skewered grilled shrimp and vegetables on top of garlic fried rice and softly poached asparagus.

Cooking class was a great memory~ I'm going to miss this class since we all get along and interact with each other so well. Here is last week's reminisce.
Instructor gave us our directions in class before we head out to the kitchen. (See my leopard jacket? haha~ That's right.. I sit in the back with the cool kids~ lol)
Topic of the day was Deli food (Salads and Sandwiches)

Other team's pressed panini & Sweet potato fries (my professor said that this plate was a boy) hahaha
Burgers for the vegetarians~ Portobello mushroom burgers haha

Thai salad from another team ^^

Lastly, this is from our team~ Grilled chicken salad topped with delicious toasted almonds

Anyway~After my 2 classes today, I headed over to my workplace (Q studio) because my co-worker/friend needed me to correct his English paper and do some peer editing. He has gotten A's all throughout the semester thanks to my help~ That is why, he promised to treat me out for Sushi tomorrow after work. haha *Can't wait*~ I took some pics of my friends while they were eating hahaha
behold~ Yo-sub and Eric
They seem to be having such a nice conversation over dinner hahaha
Eric giving me a dirty look~ With that threat, I decided to whip out my pudding camera program on my iphone and take some artistic shots lol
Thanks for being my male models~ haha
Anyway, you guys should really download the Pudding Camera app. It's so awesome
It's my favorite app so far. It has various cameras that you can choose from and different filters as well

Anyway, after I was done, I went to the market because I ran out of Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash at home... however.. I ended up buying a lot more -___- 
**sigh** this always happens.. hahaha.. Let's see some of the newly purchases up close...

Liante Fruit Essence Conditioner....Apple and Kiwi~ Literally smells like green apple candy starbust~ Love it!! should I try to taste it? hahaha

Silk Shampoo...Mint~ leaving a fresh tingly feel on your scalp ^^

Silk Body wash.... I love Kracie brand~ this is such a foamy body wash! ~ Makes you feel 100x cleaner hahaha

Makeup remover wipes~ nothing like the scent of roses on your face ^^

Strawberry air freshener for my car <3

toothbrush and tooth paste holder~ Yea I know, I should have owned one a long time ago haha... I got tired of my toothbrush and toothpaste laying around the sink area.~ Need to organize!

Delicious and great for your skin~ Aloe Vera drink w/ little bits of Aloe Vera jellies inside.

Can't live without Edamame.. especially while watching late night movies and dramas!

Instant Jajjangmyun *Delicious* this is my favorite brand. I like it because it is more flavorful than the other brands, although the black bean sauce is in powder form... Some may prefer the liquid form. But either way, it becomes liquid after you mix the packet with the other sesame oil packet.~ Omg typing this post at 2am and my mouth is watering~ *FML*

Little cans of ice coffee to start off my busy daily schedule!

cans of Red pepper tuna recommended by Yo-sub and Eric haha!

Green Tea Pancake mix ^^

Korean style pre-marinated and non-marinated pork belly for later BBQ's

Super ultra delicious roasted seeweed~ I prefer the korean kind as opposed to the Japanese kind~ try it and you'll know what I mean. The seeweed sheets are thinner and crispier~ However they're a bit oily. But it's so delicious!!!

Lastly, Spicy raw oysters~ so good!!! especially with rice!

That is all for today's activities haha.

On to the next topic..More new iphone apps..
So I just mentioned above about the pudding camera app. That is a must and mandatory download!
Here are more examples: shots of Mochii and Night-Night

アゲGAL. From CyberAgent~ If you love Gal Fashion, download this app
It includes blogs and personal pictures from popular EGG magazine models
Nailbook~ Nail collections~ Need some nail art ideas? here you go
there are tons of super cute designs and you can rate them too!

another fashion guide created by Ameba

Kira Lite - Japanese dating sim~ On the way to rockstardom!

なでなでフワムー by CyberAgent
This app is super damn cute!! To play, you will need to sign up for an Ameba account. It's free!!. You can pet it, have it play with others and feed it while watching its super cute reactions. You can even dress it up. Its fur moves along your fingers~ So real haha...

Megami Labo~ Put your face in many hair styles and find what suits you best! It has a huge selection of Kawaii hair styles.

More apps from CyberAgent~
Mostly blogs and photobooks. Very hot and informative

Just search CyberAgent in your app search and you'll find these photobooks.

NailUp Lite - More Cute nail deco shoots~

Pinky Distortion ~ This is an otome game, meaning that it is made for girls *yay* finally!! A dating sim game for girls. So you play as a girl surrounded by all these hot rockstar guys~ My fav is that serious one with the black hair >.< He's kind of a snob... but oh well lol. He's allowed to because he's hot. haha

Japanese food recipe gallery~ I love Japanese food so i paid $4.99 for the full version which includes over 250 recipes. The free version has 50 ^^

Alice's Wonderland by CyberAgent~ It's basically similar to flash cafe games on facebook~ 'cept for it's Alice's world. Who doesn't love this??

Chibi Me ~ Exactly what it means. You can create your own chibi ^^ The free version has a limited amount of customization items.. 

I made a Chibi of myself with this hahaha
lol What do you think? hahaha!

Anyway, I have more apps that I downloaded but it's getting late ~ I have to go to sleep and get ready for class and work >.< ~zZzZzz... Here's a last pic...

It's Mochii!!!

hehe Anyway good night all!! Took me forever to blog this, hope you enjoyed the pictures!