...I'm still alive!!!

Hey~~ Sorry for not writing for the longest time!!. I remember my last update was about my finals and now I'm back in class after winter break--the start of a new semester! One more year or less before graduation unless there are any more delays...hahah. There was mail that came in for me the other day and it was about ordering my graduation invitations, which means that the big day is finally coming soon!! I know it's not a big deal to some, but I've been waiting to get rid of studying once and for all! lol.

Well, let's stop talking about boring stuff..while I was gone "well.. while I wasn't blogging", I took a ton of pictures. I'll share them with you since, of course, the pics are the juicy parts right? haha anyway here we go. Oh. BTW. there's a lot of self portraits--just a warning. lol

Me before class today... I really need to clean the guest bathroom mirror >.< (I always go to class with my hair up because i'm always in a hurry)

My current Facebook profile image..I just noticed that I have a lot of leopard print stuff O_o

2 days ago, tried to make myself look and feel smart before taking an exam. hahaha, sadly I didn't do so well.. got a B- (-__-)

Taking pictures before going to work at Norebang.

More pix with the Fur Leopard print hoodie.

Got ready to attend the Beauty Expo 2011 at the Rio. 

More Leopard!
This was last Saturday, when I went out to watch The Lady In Black at the theaters. It was so scary! You should def. go see it. I'm normally really picky and I have high standards when it comes to scary movies. So Trust me! You'll get so freaked out by this one!

My Vivienne Westwood Orb iPhone case.

Student Rowie

*Smile Sunshine*

Me without my lashes hehe

...That's it for the exposure for now haha...

Anyway, while I was gone, there was a few important Holidays and events that I've missed talking about: Christmas, New Year, My birthday, and Lunar New Year... That's right, I have pics for everything! hahaha This is going to be one filled post! lol.
Christmas 2011 
We went to check out the Christmas theme at the Bellagio. Every quarter, the Bellagio always has these magical, beautiful and incredible themes! We also drove through 2.5 miles of fields of Christmas lights at the motor-speedway. At the end, we went to the Venetian to witness their beautiful unique giant Christmas tree.
Bellagio's Giant Christmas Tree

This is the Venetian.
Close-up of the Tree! So Cool!

The Motor-Speed way drive

I didn't get much for Christmas but I'm thankful to receive the nicest gifts ^^

Toki doki Makeup brushes from James and Juicy Couture neck chain from my parents + $100 Check. I also received a fur leopard Jacket from my friend Diep ^^. The Charlie Brown Card and the Picture was mailed in by my cousin Merany & Her family~ So cute.

New Year's Eve 2011 - New Year 2012
As for New Years, We got together and walked the strip. the while place was literally packed! They closed off the strip so that pedestrians can just walk on the roads freely. It was pretty cool walking from traffic lights to traffic lights in the middle of the road hehe

It's such a huge event that they had to prepare a police bus haha
That's how crazy crowded it was haha.. Luckily.. we got a suite at the Cosmopolitan to get out of the crowd. we had a Suite party and waited until midnight to view the fireworks. The suite that night was $6,000 o_o price boost up like crazy just for New Year.
At the suite. My bangs were way too long haha didn't have time to trim them.
Beautiful Strip view from our strip balcony and the Fireworks was beautiful

My Birthday Jan 08
Had a couple of friends come over from California and Oregon (haha! they moved there for school). lol Anyway, first, we had a get-together at Osaka Japanese Bistro. My favorite spot to eat, just because it is Tatami style.
*drools* Sushi is my favorite food of all time, it's only idea to have it for my birthday haha.. We then followed  this with a night at the Karaoke Studio (My work place) >.<

The Next day (Yes. My birthday Last all weekend)
We went to the Studio B Buffet at the M resort. (Best buffet of Las Vegas). I ate so much seafood, it was ridiculous haha.
However... they are well known for their unbelievable selection of french deserts and gelatos!
Paradise... ^_^
My Boss/Friend & Dee surprised me at work with a cake~ *Nothing Bundt Cake* was super delicious!
As for my present, I got this.
Rose Gold RockTop Michael Kors Watch ^^

Lunar New Year
Also known as Chinese New Year... The theme at the Bellagio changed once again. It was spectacular! Especially because it is the year of the Dragon.
Friends from Virginia came that weekend and it was Epic!...

First, Pregramed at the house with shots poured out of the little guy hahaha
Went to Tryst at the Wynn. Check out the Infamous water fall haha

Next afternoon, had room service at the suite and rested until evening time. Yes, we went to see the Jabawockeez again... lol. This time, they didn't take off their masks and front rows don't get to meet them boo :( I would have loved to try and convinced them to come out and party with us again..hahaha.. my first attemp didn't work out. They said that they were way too tired, they wished they could. lol

Before the Jabbawockeez, we went to BarMasa for more Japanese food at the Aria.
Reservation desk was so nice. 
also very nice inside... However, the service was very slow. I'm guessing they were backed up in the kitchen and there were limited waiting staff. Not good for a five-star restaurant.
Had sparkling wine, recommended by the Barista
Best Miso Soup I ever had.
Had my Favs! Toro (Fatty Tuna) and Ikura (Salmon Roe). Yum Yum!!

After the Jabbawockeez Show (No pics allowed in there), we went shopping a little, then went back to change so we can get ready for a night of clubbing. We decided to go to Surrender (There was 18 of us). Had our friend called the front desk to ask for "A limo for 18 people" hahaha!... ermm.. since 18 people won't fit in a limo-duh, there arrived our Gigantic private Bus! O_o
So nice inside... Stripper pole (That noyone volunteered to perform on), great sound system and LCD screens with music videos~ (felt like a club already) haha.

We ended up at Surrender at Encore Resort and Casino, it was intended to be a Beach club but since it was cold, they set up a huge Glass tent on top of the pool. The view was beautiful and we were warm!. Skrillex was spinning that night (Dub-Step King!) we had 2 tables reserved for us and had cocktails and champagne. ^^ Was a very fun night.

That's it!

Sorry for the delay guys, I know I told some of you that I would give you an update as soon as I have some more in stock. We worked on changing the packaging and name around, we tested out more new products, we reviewed our prices and now it's solid. We changed the packaging to Black and Gold to make give it a more elegant and Unisex look. 
Lyndara Rice Milk Soap. Whitens and Smooth-ens the skin using water from the most fragrant young white jasmine rice. It had been a trick used to keep skin youthful and beautiful. On top of that, Vitamin A and Vitamin E & Oatmeal were added to help repair damaged tissues (scars, wrinkles, dark spots) give double protection against sun damages (antioxidants), and helps with skin's oil balance as well as fights acne and washes away impurities. Yes, it is a powerful tool to have-- It has a delightfully rich fragrance and it is 100% natural!. Intended for use on face and areas on the body needing extended care.

Presenting Lyndara Rice Milk Soap (my Photo Skills haha)

(Under the packaging, this is what the soap looks like) Very natural and delicate for the skin.

65g per bar soap $8.00 + $2.00 Shipping Worldwide

Travel size 1/4 of our regular size soap. $2.00 + $1.00 Shipping Worldwide.

You are entitled to 2 pieces per shipping price. 
Which means that if you buy 2 regular size bar soaps, it will be:
 $16 [$8 each] + $2.00 for shipping

If you buy 3 pieces, we will still charge $4.00 for shipping. 

Please E-mail me at Berrii_Rowie@live.com this is my private E-mail. 
You are also welcome to E-mail the company's E-mail (Support@Lyndara.com
we are still working on our website >.< bare with me~

You're also welcome to just send me the payment directly via Paypal sent to my private E-mail address (Berrii_Rowie@live.com). If there is a need for price adjustment, I will notify you.

I'm also sorry that we will no longer provide free sample. To those that acquired about the free samples a long time ago, I will gladly send it to you for free, as I have your address. The free sample quantity will be half of the travel size one, which is plenty to be able to test out the product. After you have tested the product out, please send us a product review, I would like to know the market's response ^^

So far, I've gotten good reviews after I let some of my surroundings try it:

-It is a good soap to fight acne according to my Korean guy friend. He wants to purchase more and was anxiously awaiting for more stocks. He now ordered 2 pieces.

 -It makes the face very soft, according to my Vietnamese girl friend, it did not irritate her skin whatsoever and she has very sensitive skin.

-According to my little sister, she says that this soap is great for her dark elbows and knees. As a present, I gave her a huge block of it. She was thrilled hahaha.

Thank you so much guys! Much love xoxox will blog some more soon.