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~~~ヾ(^∇^)おはよー♪ ~ I woke up so early today after studying until 2am last night (Woke up at 6am) for class to find out that class was canceled after arriving there >.< Anyway... as it is still morning now and I just chugged a whole can of Red bull, I am wide awake @_@ so I decided to blog since I've got nothing better to do hahaz. I'm going to do some reviews on makeup products or beauty products that I use today ^^
I Love this Liquid Liner, It draws really thin lines and the brush never gets dull. It's almost 2 hair thin and lasts a long time. I usually use it to draw little bottom lashes when I'm too lazy to use false bottom lashes.  It dries very quickly and doesn't smudge. Consist of waterproof 0.005mm brush. 

Sana Super Quick Eyebrow EX - It is a flattened pencil (shaped like a highlighter) which makes it easier to draw out your eyebrow shape. I love it because you don't have to worry about how hard to press--it'll never accidentally become too dark. Plus it helps you match your brow color with your hair if you have golden or Brown Hair :) - It's a must use for me everyday! Works more effectively when you Thin out your eyebrows and apply concealer to them before applying Brow Pencil. The color stays throughout the whole day, no need to worry about re-applying. This eyebrow pencil contains powdery base which it can create a soft coloring, and the sweat and grease proof formula prevent your eyebrows to be smudged.

SANA EXTRA HEAVY EYE LINER: This liquid eyeliner is ideal to draw thicker and extra black eye contour. The brush never goes dull. I was able to use it everyday for 2 whole months before having to buy a new one. This is my favorite Eyeliner of all time. I Usually use it to draw the wings at the end of my eyes, and accross the top of my lid where my lash line is, and a bit at the corner of the bottom, connecting the top and lower lashes together. After that, I would touch it up with Dior's Black eye Shadow to create a Smoky look. If you need a pitch black liquid liner, this one if the one you want ^_^

Dolly Wink No. 6 Baby Cute Bottom Lashes - As much as I love Tsu-Chan and her lovely eye lashes, I felt like Dolly wink is too expensive for what it is. I was expecting a thin clear film in between each of the lash pieces, but after opening the package, I found that you had to apply the pieces one by one (could have just made them myself I thought). The clear rubbery film on each piece was a bit thick, therefore, it was quite visible. I probably wore them twice and lost a few pieces along the line because the pieces were so small >.< it is a bit more difficult to line them up perfectly some would wound up pointing outwards and some downwards. Keke. But I think the other Dolly winks that are created as one whole strip of lash would be easier to apply. *I Have Yet to try the Rest*

Thin Breathable and Water-proof eye lid adhesive Tape (Double-Eyelid Tape) - Actually, I have double eye lids to begin with already but I wanted higher ones so it becomes visible after applying thick eye liner. So this one is by-far my favorite one. And it is SoOooo Cheap to buy. Each pack comes with 96 pairs of strips for probably $1-$3 Dollars per Pack. I normally would buy a year supply worth at a time haha. What I like about this product is that it looks almost or EVEN invisible. It remains intact on my skin even after my lid gets wet under any circumstances, and I was always able to apply makeup such as eye shadow over it. Sometimes, I even apply 2 strips on one lid to make the fold even Higher. 

Koji Eye Talk (Double eyelid Glue) - I bought this well before I resorted to using double-lid Tapes. I didn't really like it because:
1) Very hard to Use, Gets sticky and Messy
2) Uncomfortable, and it kind of prevents proper blinking of the eyes thus leading them to feel dry
3) Does not stay. It'll wear off very quickly and will leave one of your eye looking bigger than the other or your eyes will just pop back to normal. lol

Koji Eye tape - Bleh. Used it once and removed it quickly after I stepped out because It was Highly Noticeable. Never used it ever again~ It's more Expensive then the first eye tape that I reviewed, comes in smaller quantities and not worth it whatsoever. <3 Save your money hehe.

Real Doll Love Skin Veil (Makeup Base) - Love this product!. It really does brighten up your skin (Acts as a thin white tint). It's a great Makeup base, But the only thing that bothers me a little about it is that after applying it, you'll have to wait a little for the cream to set and dry because it has a slight "greasy" texture. But once it dries on your face, your skin will feel soft and that's when it'll be ok to proceed to use foundation or concealer or other face products. If you don't wait, your makeup can just smudge right off easily.

SHISEM/IPUM/DARKNESS LASHES - LOVE THESE - Cheap, Cute and Durable Eye Lashes (Re-Usable). I Usually just stick to these brands :P (The glue that comes with it sucks by the way, instead, Go buy the Ardell LashGrip EyeLash Adhesive @ CVS. that one is waterproof and sticks really well and will not let you down!)

IPKN MULTI MAKEUP BALM (KOREAN BRAND/ NEW YORK STYLE)- It acts as a Base, Foundation and BB Cream (3 in 1). You can Just apply this directly to your Naked Skin and You'll be guaranteed to have Porcelain looking complexion. I just love this product because it works on all skin types. The only thing I would apply on top of it (although it's not necessary), is a thin layer of loose powder to set it ^_^

Favorite Mascara! It has two sides to the brush - Short side of brush for Curling, and Long side of brush to enable you to stretch out your lashes. On top of that, it creates Dark & dramatic eyes and Does not smudge <3

DARIYA PALTY - MILK TEA BROWN. I Initially used it on natural black hair, and I'd have to say that they turned very dark brown in which were only noticeable in sunlight. To achieve the actual color, you're going to have to bleach your hair. Also, it comes in a very small amount so if you have long hair, you'll have to buy at least two boxes. What I like about this product however, is that unlike typical hair dyes, it does not have a strong chemical smell. It smells rather good ^^ Especially the conditioner 

GATSBY MOVING RUBBER HAIR WAX SPIKY EDGE - I'd have to say that between all the Moving Rubber (Besides Grunge Mat, which is not available in the U.S. Because it is not FDA approved), Spiky Edge holds the best. It is great for styling your hair (For males) but it will not hold throughout the day. You will need to top it off with "GATSBY QUICK MOVING MIST HAIR SPRAY" (Best Hair holding spray tried so far)  and it will definitely give a strong lasting Hold. What's good about this hair spray is that it does not give you that ugly wet-hair look :) -- Between all the Moving rubber that I tried: Air Rise (Green, Smells like Green apples), Wild Shake (Purple), Loose Shuffle (Orange), Spiky Edge (Pink), I like Spiky Edge the Most!

GATSBY Perfect Hold Wax - Stronger hold than Spiky Edge, but also makes your hair extra Hard. Must top it off with Gatsby Quick Moving Mist for All day Hold. (Tip for men, want Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy-like hair? Use a hair straightener before applying Wax or Spray)

Want to know what I use to wash my face? It's Currently Naive Face Wash (Peach). I can't really say if it's a great product, but whatever to wash my face right? it actually smells like light sweet perfume and it is a thick white substance. Doesn't dry off my skin so much.
 But there is another face wash that I would prefer "Smooth-E Foam Baby Face". I Ran out of Smooth-E and it is  hard to get my hands on because i'd have to travel oversea for it so that's why I use the Naive one. The Smooth-E face wash leave your face ultra soft and it smells nice (kind of like a faint sweet herbal smell). The product does not dry-out your skin and my skin type is normally very dry.

Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque - Feels Cold and Tingly when you  apply. It's like a clay/Mud mask that hardens. The color is Green and has a Fresh mint scent to it. After it completely hardens on your face, wash it off with warm water and towel your face dry. You will then instantly notice how your face looks extremely clear from black heads, and your face will look more firm and brighter. On Top of  that, FEEL IT- it'll feel sooo smooth, you'll think you're touching a Baby's butt lol. (Cheap *Around $3-$4* and worth it - Available at CVS)

The Rose of Versailles (Lady Oscar) Mascara. It's an Okay mascara. Prevents clumps and is Waterproof. I actually prefer the ROCK mascara. The tube dried out on me rather quickly. lol

Lorac Couture Shine (Color: Haute) - My lips are naturally red, but when using the lip gloss, you won't need to use a primer on your lips. The color will come out exactly like the tube. It is a rather thick and highly glossy substance. The brush that comes with it is very soft (paint-brush like). It is a bit on the sticky side, but it stays and does not dry out. I'd give it a Thumbs up. (I actually prefer Lip sticks rather than Lip Glosses. Especially Anna Sui's Lipsticks. They moisturize your lips, feels light and doesn't have that typical nauseating lipstick smell). My lips are usually highly chapped, and I believe Anna Sui takes the Cake on this one ^_^

KIEHL's ULTRA FACE CREAM - My face is very sensitive and highly dry (even so bad that it gets flaky) but this moisturizing face cream is the ONLY face cream that completely moisturizes my face without These aspects:
1) feeling Greasy right after application
2) After cream dries off, my skin get's dry again
3) Get skin irritation
**It is so light on your skin, and it leaves your skin baby smooth everyday, 24-hours a day, and if you have flaky-dry skin like me, you'll see a significant improvement of your skin after each use. Also works well on T-zone skin, or all other types of skin. Also lasts a long time because only small applications are needed.

Einstein Lip Therapy - I have a case of Severely chapped lips. They peel all the time (maybe I should consider a trip to the dermatologist keke) but this lip balm is actually the ONLY lip balm that really works on my lips. I tried all the high-end brands or pharmacist recommended brands (even the ones with nasty tastes like Carmex). When my lips are badly chapped and peeled, I would apply this lip balm and it would keep it moist and you won't see the peeling anymore. Hard flaky lips would become pillow-soft. Unlike other products, it does not feel like "Thick vaseline" and it actually heals your lips making the crustiest looking lips looks normal again. lol. On top of that, It's SUPER minty yum and leaves a tingly/fresh sensation on your lips. (I don't think I can turn to any other brand)

Anyway, That's all for my products review! I'll probably do more when I have the Chance, but I've listed all my favorite products, dislikes and likes so far~ Leave me a note if you have any questions on where to buy them or how much should it cost. ^_^



Blog + To Buy List

Had a Long Fun week So far~ My Little Brother is in town From Virginia (6 hrs of Flight Away). We went to Bazic and Karaoke Had Lots of Soju (Chilled Korean Rice Wine)~~ All diff flavors Flavors (Strawberry, Yogurt, Peach, Grand Blue, And Regular) :P~ I think My Favorite is Yogurt. It's Very easy to make and it is Many's favorite flavor:

 1) Poor Half a Bottle of Soju in a Jugg or Bottle

 2) Add 1 Bottle of Yogurt Drink (Comes in Very Tiny Bottles in Packs)

 3) Fill the other half with Sprite and stir well.

 4) ヘ(^_^ヘ)(ノ^_^)ノ Tadda!! Pour in Shot Glasses and *One Shot!*

☆★~To Buy List~☆★
1. Gold + Silver + Liquid Black Tights (I love Tights~ I have all kinds of Designs, Mostly I like to wear the ones with Cuts :P)

2. More Oversized V-Neck or Shoulder Shirts (Especially Black and Long Sleeved~ those that comes down to almost my Knees)

3) Rolling Stones + English Flag Tee <3

4) Fingerless Biker-Style Leather Gloves

5) Fur Wolf Hood

6) Hair Crimper

7) Leather  Biker Boots ^_^

8) Candy Doll Glosses ^^

9) Revlon Make Mine mango/Sweet Tart/Electric Pink


Hello Saturday O(≧∇≦)O

Finally My Day Off!!
 Anyway, while on the way out I Took some pics with my new phone because I recently just cut My bangs, I felt as if my hair was getting too plain.

Leopard Print Bear Ears (H&M)

Regarding the Berrii Rowie Shop Website, I just recently made some Lolita dresses Purchaseable, they are so cute! I'm probably going to wear an outfit to our next convention when I become one of the dealers~ Sell cute Lolita Dresses, Accessories and Kigurumis <3
Here's one I find very Sweet <3~ Only $69.99 and comes with inner skirt as well (Sizes XS - XXL)

There's also the classic lolita styled dresses that is super cute and gives off a more simple and mature look.

Circle Lens
My Favorire color in Circle lens had always been Hazel, Brown or Grey Colors. But this time, I may consider the newest pink ones and give it a try ^^ My Shop (Berrii Rowie Shop) had been quite popular with selling the pink ones and since its fame had been growing, I figured-Why not. Not only do we cary the infamous "Nudy" lens that gives out a moon-like arc, but we now have "Super Nudy" which is significantly larger than regular. *All the bloggers have been going GaGa about Pink Circle Lens*. I must admit, they look quite sweet *Anime-Like Eyes*~ Chotto Kawaii!!

Anyway, I'm so hungry now. About to go to Chinatown...
Exactly this Plaza is where i'm heading~ No, not for Chinese food, but instead I will indulge my taste buds with Flavored Soju and Korean Style Fried Chicken *Yum Yum*

At this Very Place Right Here ^_^:

Oh~ I almost forgot. Sorry I must Blog alot today because I've skipped for a while. So here I am bombarding you with Texts and Pictures~ Hahaha. Anyway. I have to post up the Delicious food that I had at the "All you can Eat" Sushi restaurant *Tokyo Sushi House*. You will be amazed after you see all the food I had for $19.99 (Luckily, I stopped by on their 1 Year anniversary where they had a Dinner special).

Seaweed Salad

Spicy Tuna Tatar

Spicy Tuna Rolls

Vegas Rolls (Crunchy)

Salmon Skin Salad (Sorry I took the pic after we Began eating haha)

Fresh Delicious Oysters !

Baked Lasagna Roll

Quail Egg Shooters (With Sake)

Ikura - My favorite! <3

No Name (Because I forgot haha) But it has a Sour Hint and Freshness

Delicious Sweet Shrimp~ Yes Head is Edible too ^^ Deep fried like Softshell Crab.

Cucumber Salad and Fresh Tuna On Seeweed Salad (Sonomori?) I believe

Fried Green Tea Ice Cream (Crunchy vs. Soft, Warm vs. Cold)

Delicious Peach and Strawberri Saketini To top it all off

Feeling Hungry now? hahaha (゚ー゚)(。_。)

Anyway~ Time To Head off Now~ Gotta Drop Mochii (My puppy) Off at Home then Head off to Bazic **Bye Bye**