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Hey all! Damn! Have not blogged in forever! It seems that my idle periods just get longer and longer~ so sorry! I'm barely on my laptop. I'm ALWAYS however, always on my phone hahaha. This time i'm currently using my phone to blog for the first time. Hope it turns out ok. Haha anyway, I'm so happy! School is finally over and winter break is here! The long struggle in balancing time between work and school had been put off (for now at least) lol. Well next Monday, I'll be flying out of the country~YAY! My first stop will be Tokyo. That's because my retarded air fair has a transit between Haneda airport to Narita airport (Wut?)-Exactly what I'm sayin' haha I have to travel from 1 airport to another to catch my connecting flight T_T *haizz..* but it's ok, I'll have plenty of time. I'll be landing in Tokyo at 5:30am and my connecting flight leaves at 6:15pm. I'll get the chance to explore~ I'll probably spend most of my time in Shibuya hehe. Just gotta figure out what to do first at 5:30am lol. Then my second stop is BKK (Bangkok, Thailand)~ my second time here! So excited! I get to see some old friends, including some that flew in from Virginia/D.C (where I used to live), and some from Cali as well. I know were gonna have such a blast. Everything is so cheap compared to the U.S. you just feel so carefree there. I can get my hair done, my eyelash extensions, nails, spa, and get massaged everyday!

Last time I was here was back in 2006 I believe... I literally felt like such a queen because I stayed at James' sister's humongous house. It was like a museum inside, everything made of polished wood, even some of the walls, and there was a huge glass stair case. Imagine... I was walking around and suddenly encountered a huge wooden battle ship display. That thing was at least 3 times bigger than me. Her furnitures were all Versace (my clumsy butt spilled fruit punch on her couch) lol. Thank god the stain came out! All bedrooms were master suites, the place is gated and there was a stone driveway which formed a circle near the front entrance, and also made its way to the right side entrance, where there's a roof for the cars as well. 6 luxurious and shiny cars were parked there. The backyard was like another world. You really feel like you're in some tropical habitat, huge and tall plants flourished the backyard. Little stone steps would take you deep within the greens and then would lead to a secluded pond where dozens of koi fish reside. There was a little waterfall from the rocks above the pond, and benches and a coffee table . That is the spot where I mostly enjoyed my morning sipping on coffee. Keke.

Besides all that, that was not the best part! One experience that I've never had before was the fact that there were 2 maids. They did everything! I would wake up in the morning and breakfast was ready. While I ate, they would clean down my room and do my bed and even mop the whole room. When I come back to the room to get ready, all my clothes had been hand-washed, ironed, and neatly folded in my closet (including the clothes I wore the night before. Couldn't believe they were back in my closet all clean). In the evening, as soon as I entered the house, a glass of cold ice water was then automatically placed next to me at the nearest table, or handed to me). Impressed!!

Anyway, this trip will be different though... Since I'll be staying in a hotel instead haha James' sister is actually here in Vegas, and she'll be staying for a while. My last stop, after a week and a few days in BKK, will be Singapore! It'll also be my second time there. I'll be there to check out the new hotels and casinos (since I'm in the hospitality field), as well as visiting friends.^_^ I really want to go to Universal studio there as well hehehoho *greedy* and dine on top of marina bay sands. What a plan! Haha!

That would basically sum up my small 3-week vacay. I'll also be celebrating my Birthday there on Jan 08 (so old). While saving money, i'm probably not doing anything for Christmas, and I'll be spending New years on the plane lol~ it's okay, we'll save the fun for later hehe.

I'll make sure I'll post up some pics of the trip and tell you all about it ^_^.

Oh yea, I uploaded some new pics on here but I'm not sure how it will turn out since i'm blogging with my phone.
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