R.I.P Blonde hair †

Ok it's good to be back again, I keep apologizing for not blogging more often m(_ _)m ゴメンナサイ *Gomenasai* ~! Anyway, last night I did something really crazy.... I dyed my hair Jet black ! @_@ that's because roots were too long and I didn't want to over-process my hair and it's also hard to get the shade of the roots to match ur hair color when they're light blonde. So I woke up and took a bunch of NEW pics~ I'm sure you wan't to see what it looks like. ^_^

Beware Explicit Content... haha jk

What do you think??? I think I sorta look like an Emo chick hahaha~ maybe cuz i'm just not used to it. But I will. Colors are always so vibrant when u first get ur hair colored.

Last pic of moi today (Eating home made lunch) * Seasoned Shiitake Mushroom w/ Rice 


I just got back from East Coast Vacation Last Week <3
Took So many pictures!! Finally, i'm so happy to see my family again... All I did was eat, party, eat, party, and eat eat eat again. lol Surprisingly when I came back to work my boss asked me if i lost weight o_o?

Here's my East Coast Trip:
@ Benihana on my first day in Virginia (VA)
Liz & Khoa (I was being a Paparazzi lol) - So we told the staff that it was Khoa's birthday so they gave him a chef hat hahaha!

My Plate Setting ^_^

Overlook of the Restaurant from my table ^_^

Here's Amanda to my right~ We sat next to each other because we're going to skip the hibachi & eat Sushi <3

Washington D.C. - District Of Columbia (US Capital)
Here's a snap of the Monument, it's so tall!

Outside of the Holocaust Museum. I didn't go in this time but I went before and it was sad.. They give you a passport and you follow through the story of that person that's on the passport and u find out at the end if  he/she survived :( and the whole place is decked out as if u were in a gas chamber *Scary*

Back towards the car to head to our next spot in D.C.

Photograph of my dad driving ^^

This is the U.S. Capital ^_^ (It was super hot outside)

My dad looking like he has a political career in front of the US Capital hahaha (He's actually a Medical Professional...)

So we are in one of the Smithsonian Museum (Have u seen that movie, Night @ the Museum 2? this is the one)~ My little brother doing some weird improv with gummy bears and his drink lol (Fight to the death maybe?)

My arrangement of the Gummy Bears (Purple Bear is the King of all the other dead white gummy bear victims)

Sabertooth tiger~ oOo. (Natural History Museum Smithsonian)

This is the Cursed Hope Diamond  (45.52 Carat Blue stone alone) Estimated value of $200-$250 Million @_@ they gave it a new setting. According to the legend, a curse befell the large, blue diamond when it was plucked (i.e. stolen) from an idol in India - a curse that foretold bad luck and death not only for the owner of the diamond but for all who touched it. Its perfect quality, its large size, and its rare color make it strikingly unique and beautiful. Add to this a varied history which includes being owned by King Louis XIV, stolen during the French Revolution, sold to earn money for gambling, worn to raise money for charity, and then finally donated to the Smithsonian Institution.

Marie Antoinette's Earrings (Queen of France in the 1700's) 

Napoleon's crown for Empress Josephine. Originally set with emeralds but was later reset with turquoises in their place.

More Huge diamonds with History

Beautiful Sapphire (I don't even know how many carats but its so big)

Another Gorgeous Sapphire/Diamond necklace

Here's a Huge Emerald

More Diamond (This is more intriguing to me then Dinosaur bones haha)

Elixir of Life (Ginseng from Korea) How much is this worth? @_@

Look in that hole in the pot... What's in it?

It's a whole new world *So cool*

A new world in a pot :P

Georgetown D.C.
Near the waterfront

Georgetown still preserves their history~ Georgetown is where they did the filming of the Exorcist (Horror movie)@_@ 

We went to "Get Baked" Cupcakery in Georgetown. Got good ratings so we decided to check it out :)
They were all individually placed in a glass container *So unique*

They have their own coffee brewing side, and they serve Quiche there ^^

My brother was so eyeballing that piece of spinach Quiche so I got it for him

Coffee Beans ^^

Guess what this is???? Look Delicious?? Read the sign next haha

lol :P~

My Bro's Packed Quiche

on a Hot and Humid day, I got myself an Iced Latte *Delicious*

Peak of one of the cupcakes ^^~ But that's not what I bought

Snap of the place

Cool picture Collage on the Wall ^^

here's my cupcake I purchased *Strawberry Cupcake* Of course. It's got bits of fresh strawberries inside cream cheese frosting <3

More of Geogetown

Back to Virginia (VA)
This is my friend's new bar at his house it's so nice ^^

All u can drink!!

He's so cute ^^ This is Hammer the Puppy Bulldog

We went to eat sushi in Reston Town Center

OBI SUSHI (I Love this place!! I used to be a regular here)

have U ever tried Orion? Draft Beer from Osaka. I tried it for the first time and Loved it

Our Rolls (Dragon , Dynamite, Spicy Tuna, & Tempura roll)

Do you recognize this?? It's Toro (Fatty Tuna) Delicious and what you come to sushi restaurants for ^^

Back at my friend's bar, we had Chum Churum Soju w/ Hyori Lee on the bottle <3

Me Advertising the Bottle take 1

Take 2
Love the Lighting, reminds me of fancy Vegas


Shot from the Bar~ lol *there's Jae & Sam*

Biggy!! He's still a puppy~ he's going to grow big~ up to 140 lbs!

NEW YORK CITY~(After a long drive and being stuck in traffic)
We arrived at our Hotel "Waldorf Astoria" Old hotel built in the 1800's. But it's Famous

Inside the Hotel~ Fancy!

I felt like I got taken back in Time haha

Walking around NYC looking for a place to eat (me & 6 guys lol) o_O

Jing Fong Dim Sum Restaurant (It's Huge!)

Our Food kekeke *Dig in*

Can't leave without my Egg Tart!!

Uniqlo Store (One in NY and one in Japan)

I took a pic of this because of the Union Flag ~ I went in there and got a Union Flag Shirt lol (Men's store)

Got Hungry and went to Ninja New York~ Here's our Scroll menu

My alcoholic beverage (Forgot what it was) it was sparkling sake in it though

The Group 1 missing (Man down!) haha jk

We all got the Tasting Menu (Sashimi as appetizer) 

Had to Headbutt this lol and it breaks apart and the delicious food is inside ^^


Delicious Steak!

Bond Fire (Lamb)

Believe it or not this is desert lol! Mango Sorbet w/ Cheesecake and Cinnamon stick Bread

the other Desert was also delicious (Rose w/ dried Ice) has Ice Cream and pudding and edible gold coated chocolate ^^

the Ninja Waiter put a Metal Ninja Star into Fire

Is it burnt?? No~ It turned into Chocolate hehehe :P

More Shot of NYC I love it. It's always so Busy

Went to Lombardi's (Famous New York Style Pizza place)

White Pizza smothered with Fresh Mozzarella (Delicious)

Our Pepperoni Pizza Yum ^^

Back in VA (My family's house there)~ Here's Yoshii!! I haven't seen her in almost 2 years! My baby!! I missed her so much.. I kidnapped her for 2 nights to sleep next to me keke

Going back home and said goodbye to family and friends :((

Dulles Washington Airport

Flew with Jet Blue

Guess where this is? it's BOSTON ^^ Our flight got delayed for 4 hours in Boston so we decided to get out and explore!

Samuel Adams Statue

Shopping Outside

Boston is known for their Oysters! ^^ Let's try here! :D

The Clam Chowder Soup (Officially From New England)

Oysters, Cherrystones, etc ... I dunno what the other one is but it's good :P

So Freshhhhh!!


Crab Cake ^^

The End.
Didn't take pictures of the partying because I didn't want to carry my huge camera around lol, but I had so much fun before school starts >.< I was thinking about going to Six Flags for labor day.. that's the only think I need to do this summer. I need the feel of a roller coaster ASAP!!!! ^^