My new project

Hi everyone~ I've been extremely busy working on my new project. Are you curious about what it is? Haha well i'll tell you. I'll be launching my own popculture/streetwear fashion collection. We currently have a team of 5 people under the name of "Underground group". Currently there are 3 brands under the company; POPLAB, NARX, and THIS. The three brands mentioned above will involve 3 completely different styles. I will be in charge of designing girl's collection under the name of "POPLAB" so please support me^^ follow us on instagram and facebook, look up "underground group". Check out our sneak peak of our stuff... Grr I hate it when updating my blog on my phone, all the pictures can only be included at the end. Anyhow enjoy the new pix


Just got back from my Asia Trip

Wah.. I'm majorly jet lagged. Went to Tokyo, Bangkok, and Singapore. Had a blast, especially visiting some old friends. Pic updates: i won't blog much since it's my second blog today. Enjoy the pic