( ͦ ᴥ ͦ )♥ so tired.

Couldn't sleep last night. I probably played on my Nintendo DS until around 6 in the morning (Time Hollow). Then after that, both my puppies kept running around the house growling and playing >.< I seriously scolded them like 10+ times and they would stop for a minute and then start all over again *ugghh* so I was in bed and in my PJ's the whole day; surfing the net, chatting, playing FB games etc.. (Lazy stuff). It is 7:29pm now and I still haven't had my first meal yet but i'm about to have some Pasta Salad. *yummy*..
 I was supposed to go in for my new job's training but decided to reschedule..cuz i'm beat. ehhhh...

My diamond Lashes (Glamorous eyes) finally came in. Love them ^^

Some pix I took yesterday before heading to work~ How do you like the color? My friend edited it for me, how nice of him ( ͦ ᴥ ͦ )♥ 

Anyway~ Had Fuku Burger last night. Anyone ever had fuku burger? it's quite good.
I had their signature burger "The Fuku burger"
 Here's an Old pic of us waiting in front of the truck. 

This is the Tamago Burger (Fried Onions and Sunny side up eggs) I dunno anyone else who would put sunny side up eggs on their burgers but it was delicious ^^

Those were old pics, I didn't take a pic of the burger that I just had because it was brought over to me when I got home from work and I had to inhale it because I was so hungry. keke ^^. 

Anyone watched this movie yet? "The Man From Nowhere". It's so good
with Won Bin
Never been a Fan of him until this movie!
Great story line, Great action, Great acting.
Everything is so damn good. Trust me! You can watch it on DramaCrazy.net with ENG sub (use the fast mirror).


New Product Reviews,Today, and old pics from last Chinese New Year ❤

Nice Sunny day today (View from my balcony)
Mountain view on my right~ Love it especially when the sun rises or sets

Despite the nice weather, I AM STUCK AT HOME! omg... I woke up this morning to get ready to go to class- Saw my half empty disinfectant contact lens case but didn't think much of it (someone must have knocked it over), but as soon as I placed in my left eye, it started burning like crazy! I was thinking  "wtf? It's been soaked in that solution for 9 hours" so I had to skip school and wait...2 hours later, I attempt to do it again, but it still burnt like hell. I don't understand, did someone add more solution to it recently? GRRRR So now i'm BLIND~ About time for me to get eyeglasses >.< I'm wearing chewed up and over-sized ones and they are sooo annoying they keep slipping ugh.

My first meal of the day... Since I like avocado rolls, I figured that I should just make sushi rice and top it with Avocado, Shoyu (Kikkoman Soy Sauce) and Nori topping. I love avocado! it's also good for your skin~ it contains Vitamin C and E in which it acts together to prevent skin aging and it also will keep your skin pump, youthful and keeps it from drying also ^^

Also made some pickled Daikon radish (Delicious with chicken wings)
Yum~ Cold and flavorful!

Daikon Radish cut in cubes
Rice Vinegar
sprinkle of salt
**Let it sit for about 3 to 4 days in refrigerator befor consumming ^^

Somang Green Tea Facial Set
Comes in a nice box~ Let's open it up!
I love the packaging~ Looks so nice (represents Green tea very well). There are 2 products in this box: Softener (Clear) and Lotion (Opaque). The two big bottles are thick glass bottles and they give you little portable plastic bottles as well *So cute*

This is how small the little bottles are. This clear one is face softener liquid.
It smells nice and I usually apply it after I wash my face and before applying the moisturizer.

Here's the bigger bottle Of the Lotion
Green Tea Lotion: Smells nice and refreshing with a bit of an herbal fragrance, the lotion does not feel greasy on your face and it does the job well (Great moisturizer)

Rating: 5/5 I love it!! from texture to smell to effect!

Dior White Reveal Essence Set (Comes with a nice Case)

Face Wash

The consistency is pretty thick, believe it or not, this small amount is sufficient for my whole face hahaha. I actually like it ^^
Lotion: Sorry about the blurriness~ I was blind remember? hahaha

I found it really odd that the lotion is thin clear liquid, sort of like a toner. But I guess it does get it's job done, although i'd rather have a real lotion-like texture.

I apply this in the morning, supposed to be a brightener

Here is the night cream
Left Side (yellow clear) is the night cream and the Right Side (Daily Brightener)
Rating: 4/5 I don't like the fact that it doesn't have a nice fragrance, it's just pretty much plain. But overall, it does its job. I'm not sure if it really helps keep my skin white but so far my skin hasn't gotten darker ^_^

I love Kiehl's products~ Looking for great body lotion and Hand cream for harsh hands? These are great!
Hand Cream (Left) is my savior. I work with my hands a lot and they get really dry and crusty, especially  between my fingers! It moisturizes my hands instantly and it stays. It is pretty thick and has an herbal smell, but it is quite nice.
Hand Lotion (Quite thick to keep your hands from drying badly) - Especially working hands like mine

Body lotion (right) I have dry skin overall and these help me moisturize it. It doesn't smell fruity or anything but it smells like a good product that really works well hahaha (dunno how to explain it)
It is not too thick and it leaves your skin skiny without being greasy like most cheap lotions. The picture above is when I just started spreading it but not completely.

This is how I keep my blonde still blonde and vibrant ^^ (Approx $9.00 @ Sally's)
Deep Scary Purple Shampoo! Keep's your Hair from turning Orange or Yellow. Works quite well! I still have  some Ash Streaks and it's been a 3 weeks to a month. I need to retouch my roots though hehehe.

More Little Buys
Have a hard time sleeping every night until these came along *essential to prevent eye bags* 

My Headstar Beanie and Fury Fox Tail ❤

Some Pics from Chinese New Year 2011 (The Year Of the Bunny) @ Bellagio
I just started uploading them now hahaha that's how lazy I am, but at least they're here right? I have to post them up because Bellagio always does a great job when it comes to themes~ I'm always awed by their decorations and it shows that they put in so much effort! ~ Also with a little touch of my Photography/Editing Skills I was able to share the beauty I experienced with you ^^

That's it~ I think you can enlarge the pics when clicking on them.
I'm going to go grocery shopping now~ Finally that I am able to put on some contacts. My fridge is just way empty >.< That Piece of Avocado was the last thing it had hahaha.

BTW: If Facebook doesn't reply to me soon, I might just make a new FB account *sigh* Just that there are so many ppl that i'll have to re-add, and who knows I might run into ppl questioning my identity and i'll have to explain to everyone what happened >.<

Let's End this blog with a HUGE picture of my Baby boy Night ^^