New Layout ~ Poupee Girl Updated ❤

Had an informative day in class all bout Kimpton Hotel. I think I will start staying there from now on, because it is a place where you can bring your pet in for free, and you can even bring 2 pets. They will also take care of them for you at no charge, and rated the best Boutique hotel in the U.S.

Anyway, Besides that, I finally found some time to make a brand new layout for my blog
❤ How do you like it ❤ (^∇^) *Hello Kitty, Bear, Sweets and Balloons* ~Kawaii ne? hehe.
Also, I started updating my Poupee girl and posted some of my items. Actually, I only have 14 items posted up for now because after a certain amount of item posts in 1 day, you will no longer collect ribbons (so your posts will go to waste until you post again the day after). I took a lot of pictures to save in my computer and update as much as possible daily. Here is a screen shot of what I have got so far, and my poupee girl's new outfit ❤.

See my Doll's Outfit? ^^ My favorite looks are: Bohemian/Spring, Rocker,Western Looks and Onii-Kei (Tomboy look with Girl elements)
Looks from Blenda, Popteen and S-Cawaii.

Here are the few Items that I have posted up. Most bought in the U.S
Will post more tomorrow. I received almost 700 Ribbons but almost spent them all >.<
http://pupe.ameba.jp/profile/J6iT69ya-rhC/ (Please add me as a friend)


myou said...

i love your blog and your style <3

[❤] Berrii Rowie Pop [❤] said...

Thanks! Moi Aussi j'aime bien ton style ^_^