New Ameba Pigg & Poupee Girl Account ♥

( ^_^)/ やぁ! ~
Just came back from a hectic long day of work. And I finally made myself an Ameba Pigg
 accountto see what the hype was all about. Hence my "Mini Me" (._.)

http://ameblo.jp/berrii-rowie (Please add me as a friend ^^)

Here is My poupee Girl account: berrii_rowie@live.com
I still just started on this game also. I previously had an old account but decided to start over ^^
Anyway. The more pictures of your cute clothes and accessories, the more ribbons you get.
Ribbons are basically like money and you can use them to buy cute clothes for your avatar ^^
Please add me as a friend ^^

Anyway. That is all for now ^_^ aside from this, I also have some new pictures !

Had Preppy style school uniform on *Do I look Intelligent?* hehehe
Was on the way to friend's house for a BBQ

 On the way to go watch a movie at the theaters *Red Riding Hood*. Did not really like the movie much.
It was mostly corny hahaha.
Actually, my hair now is a little bit lighter and has an ashier tint than these 2 pics. I recently dyed it again.
and will have to do so until I achieve my desired hair color, which is very Ash (poor hair). But I will make 
sure that I give them at least 1 to 2 weeks time in between.

On top of that, I have done quite a bit of shopping. After the mall, I did some online shopping.
4 pairs of shoes. and Weft hair extensions (So I can have waist long hair now keke)
(*≧▽≦) Let me show you!!~ Mostly bought flat shoes because
that's what I like to wear the most.
In shoes, I like either Flat or Wedges and Boots of
all sorts ^^
Pink Pointy/ Shiny boots 

Hippie/western look~ reminds me of one of Tsubasa's shoes in Tsubasaism book.

Of course more black boots~ Comfy, Stylish and goes with anything

Another tan pair of boots ~ best suitable with denims.

~~ That's all for now! Will post more Next time~~
(*^^)^*) ☆Chu!!


Mint said...

DOC MARTENS!! i wanted a pair but my boyfriend said i was too manly to wear them ): ... only small cute girls or men can wear them

[❤] Berrii Rowie Pop [❤] said...

lol lol! I think they would look nice on you >.< They are made for manly girls! hahaha I usually dress (and act) like a little boy and I always wear my black ones, especially when I don't feel like glamming up (like going to class or other places that don't involve dressing up). They go nice with tights, skinnys, stockings, Knee/thigh socks, and shorts. You can't go wrong with them haha.

Marie said...

I love boots! I'm looking to get a FRYE engineer or veronica style boots. Since I don't have much $$$ like you I can only buy one pair. I'm looking forward to seeing your boots with your outfits!

Anonymous said...

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