New Hair Color \(^▽^*)

How Do you like My Ash Blonde Hair? I've always wanted my hair this color!*Very Happy*
(I'm holding my bulky phone hehe)

My Shoes Has Finally Arrived!! O(≧∇≦)O. 

I Quickly Unwrapped it Like its Christmas all over again!

My Black Flat Boots With Chains and Studs

My Bohemian Boots~ Fur and Warm inside >.<

Another Bohemian Type Shoe ^^

Hot Pink Glossy Boots >.<

Also! took a bunch of pictures of my stuff for Poupee Girl~ I'm getting quite addicted to it haha. Wanna share my stuff to the world ^^. I never realized how much stuff I have until I started playing this game. Here is a glimpse of a few stuff I uploaded on Poupee Girl today.

~(=^・・^) I'm a Shopaholic~ 

** Just finished Eating my first meal of the day at 4pm. I hate eating by myself so I hardly do it, even when i'm starving. ε-(´・`) フー 
I ate some
Garlic Rice Cooked in Chicken Broth and Broiled Eggs + Apple Juice (I love Juice)

I wasn't able to finish my food. So I Gave the rest to my little puppy Mochii. She's a pig on the inside hehehe
( ´(00)`)

**Mochii Just had Operation In this Picture (3 days ago) But now she is Hyper all over again **

2 Nights ago We went to Bazics to Eat Sizzling Stir fried Chicken Gizzards and Chicken Wings + Pickled Radish. Delicious! Then we ended up at the Karaoke...

The Images in the girl's bathroom wall was very disturbing lol.. And reaked of Chlorine on top of that

Bathroom Shot ^^ 

Emerson Pouring us Beer (3500 cc Draft. It is so tall!)

Funny Karaoke Book Name

Added Mango and Lychee Soju (Lychee was delicious)

Hite: Korean Beer *Cold*

Huge Karaoke Remote. That night I sang *Rose- Anna Tsuchiya, First Love - Utada Hikaru, A Little Pain - Olivia Lufkin, Forever Love - X.Japan, and Much more English Songs*

Thats it for now. Will blog more soon ^^


★33★ said...

Oooh! I have poupee too! Add me ^^


But those pink boots are so cute!!! Nice haul : >

[❤] Berrii Rowie Pop [❤] said...

Thanks! i'll add u for sure!

James said...

=)Very cute hun!! Love this post!

Naomi said...

Wow your hair is perfect! How long did it take you to bleach it to that colour? Lol what do you use for after-care?
Sorry lots of questions :3 I've bleached mine too and was wondering what other people use haha~
Also sorry one more question =.=;

Kilala Michi said...

OMG!!! so much cuteness!!!!!!!!!! lucky~ *3*

[❤] Berrii Rowie Pop [❤] said...

Naomi - Thank you! Well I Bleached it a couple of times over the past 2 Months (like 3 or 4). But To Achieve that color, I had to Add Silver Dye to my hair then quickly wash it off
^^ And For Care, Use Conditioner everyday, But Shampoo every other day, Don't use a Brush whatsoever, Let hair Air Dry Often, and Deep conditioning Once a Week ^^

As For the Shoes, I Own an Online Store So I get them from one of my Suppliers for a good price ^^

Michi - Thanks Babe <3

Jeongie ~ ☆ said...

Wah I LOOOVE your phone! x3
You look amazing with that haircolor! oh my, *so jealous* XD <3
And new shoes are always awesome haha! The 2nd pair, so cool! : DDD

Thanks for following me btw! I'm following you right back now! ^0^

Cherry said...

Yeah, really cute haircolor!

Leeminnha said...

i love your hair =D!! and lovely stuff (i'm a new follower)

An Tran said...

i like ur hair color! i can never pull it off lol
but what do you use to lighten your eyebrows? i might want to try to lighten mine to a brown for when i dye my hair again

Rina said...

The boots are really cute <3

And I LOVE your haircolor. It suits you really good :)

[❤] Berrii Rowie Pop [❤] said...

Thanks Jeongie! Nothing to be Jealous about because you are absolutely stunning <33. Anyway I was just hoping around from blog to blog and stumbled upon yours and love your style ^^ as I skimmed further through the pages i noticed that U also knew Johan. haha Cool! Give him my regards! ^^ Anyway Thanks for adding me back! ^^

Cherry - Thanks hun ^^

LeeMinha - Thanks for following me! I'm pretty noob at this blogspot. Trying to reach 100! haha.

Hey An~ I'm sure you can pull it off! you'll never know till you try haha. Anyway, My eyebrows are really light to begin with, cuz my eyebrows are thin. Anyway, to lighten it up, use scissors to trim it down, then after that, use concealer over your brows, then use a light pencil to lightly shade the brows in ^^~ Thats what I do.

Rina~ Thanks!. Although that Ash color is starting to fade :((

Anonymous said...

You're hair is very cute! All of your things are also very cute too!

Anonymous said...

your so cute and so is your blog.you have great style! love the boots and that coat<3
now following ;}

Jessica-Marie said...

I love your blog :) Also, I adore the hot pink glossy boots! Do you know where I can get it in the States?

P.S. Check out my blog if you have time :)