The Gazette New PV + More Great songs

I'm currently in love with this song from The Gazette.

The Gazette - "The Pedge" (Japanese)
Please listen and enjoy. It's so beautiful.

Anyway~ Let me introduce you to some more of my favorite songs. They are not in order, but hopefully you will enjoy them. I mostly like songs that will give you emotions while listening to them, mostly accompanied by piano melodies as well. ^^

Baek Ji Young - "Like being hit by a bullet" (Korean)

The Trax - "Over The Rainbow (Piano version) (Korean)

LoveHolic - "Shinkirou" (Korean)

Olivia Lufkin - "A Little Pain" (Japanese)

Scary kids Scaring Kids - "Watch Me Bleed" (English)

Saosin - "You're not alone" (English)

Supechic[k] - "Stand In the Rain" (English)

X-Japan - "Endless Rain" (Japanese)

Yamashita Tomohisa - "Loveless" (Japanese)

Ft. Island - "Saranghajimayo" (Korean)

Nicholas Teo - "Dusk" (Chinese)

Rainie Yang - "Ai Mei" (Chinese)

Yoshiki & Dahlia - "I'll Be Your Love" (Japanese)

Sugizo & Vivian Hsu - "Tata" (Chinese)

That's it for now. Hope You Enjoy!!


★33★ said...

I've been listening to Loveless a lot lately too!!!

I've also been addicted to A-mei's songs >< !

[❤] Berrii Rowie Pop [❤] said...

Cool! U got great taste in music ! :P

Anonymous said...

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