Deco Deco Deco ^^

I went to the post offices today before class and picked up my parcels knowing that my Decoden stuff had arrived!!! ^__^

Then when I reached class, I found out that class was canceled so~~ Eagered to start decorating my mobile phone, I rushed home and got to work!!

It took some force to do the whip cream part but it was easy to manipulate. Then I started adding the cabochons on one by one. then ended up with adding on little gems.. after I realized that I had more left over, I just went a little crazy with it and stuck it everywhere I could hahaha.
Then I squeezed some pink sauces on the waffle.. but then i thought "Hmm.. I didn't use enough pink sauce" so I went a little overboard with it too. Like putting pink sauce on the side of the whip cream... then stuck more gems onto it lol
anyhow, I don't have a clear pic of my creation at the moment but here's what it looks like.

Does it look Delicious? ^_^
I can't wait for it to completely dry!! so far, it's drying rather quickly. I'll probably let it sit for a day or so.
I'll take better pics with it later on.
Wonder where I got my stuff?
They don't only have sweets but also lolita, princess, cute decors
They have the cutest Decoden supplies. However, I bought my Whip Cream and Pink Sauce from Estsy "Miniature Sweet"
It's rather addicting. My Nintendo DS is Probably next haha.

Here are some other designs that I like:
Sweet ^^
Yummy~ Decoden is not only made for Mobile phones
Colorful & Delicious
Princess Mobile <3 Kawaiiiiii
Princess Sweets
Hello Kitty Princess Mobile ^^
So In Love with this one!! 
Delicious Chocolate (・ェ-)

Want to create but have no idea where to start? there are design books available. Or just get your inspiration online (^____^=)

\(o ̄∇ ̄o)/

**That's it **

Btw: Here are my 2 Fav Gyaru model's official blogs: 
Such pretty pictures...

By The way~ There is a way for you to read their blogs in english. Just use Google Chrome Browser, it will translate it for you automatically. Sometimes it doesn't make much sense, but it will help you understand most parts :P

now i just need a charm that will go with my phone


Choiii said...

The phone cases are sooo cute~ and i love Tsubasa, she is soo pretty :)


Berrii Rowie Pop said...

Yea i knoooowwww makes me want to decorate everything that I have!! lol it's really addicting~
and Tsubasa IS really cute. she's my favorite gal model I even have her limited edition photo book ^^

Kilala Michi said...

hey hey!!! I LOVE deco!!! used to do them all the time~ now im like so busy~ dont even have time... but i need to do my phone soon~ cuz i hate looking at the plane ass phone..... do u know any place that sales cool cute deco stuff???

★33★ said...

Ah, deco is so cute but unfortunately it takes so much time... Cute blog!! <3

Berrii Rowie Pop said...

Michi- Yea check out "Sophie and Toffee" that's where I got my deco stuff. They have all kinds it's soo cute! anyway. Can't wait to see ya next month. I seriously still don't know what to wear lol

★33★ It actually only took me like 10 minutes and left my phone on the table while I hang out at home and it just dries. I mean you just put on the whip cream, and add all the little decorations on it and let it sit and dry and thats it ^^ Unless u mold them yourself haha

Alice said...

It looks cute enough to eat up :3

Berrii Rowie Pop said...

lol yea looks delicious but I think it's toxic hahaha.