∩( ・ω・)∩,Weekend in Los Angeles ( ・ω・),

キタ━━━(゜∀゜)━━━!!!!!, (゜∀゜),  Hey Everyone !! I had such a blast this past weekend in L.A.! I actually flew over for one sole purpose --> "To attend MIYAVI'S WORLD TOUR 2011". I flew via Allegiant Air. It was so cheap. It cost about $50 round trip from Las Vegas to Long Beach California and the flight lasted only about half an hour. Miyavi played at the House of Blues. I heard the venue was not that big so I didn't even bother waiting in the really long line. Instead, I waited until everyone went in first then I made my way through the door quickly ^^. Anyway, there were a few tables there and in order to sit down, we had to order $100 worth of food and drink. I wasn't going to stand the whole time, so we got a table facing the middle of the stage. We had some fries, burgers, quesadillas, and I ordered myself a couple of drinks--Red bull & vodka, Adios and a Blue moon. hehehe. Anyway I absolutely loved the concert. It was more laid back compared to his usual shows, but this time, it had more of a "homey-feel". He was dressed completely normal, his hair was not styled, he wore prescription glasses, and he cracked a lot of joke :) I'm sure you guys are ready to see some pix. Here we go!! **Click on pictures to Enlarge**

Got my VIP Tag Ready to Rock~

This is the House of Blues Venue

Miyavi Rockin' his Guitar >.< I melted.

He brought Jewelie on stage * Super cute* It was her birthday so the crowd sang her a birthday song. 1 year old baby girl ^^

Super adorable!! 

After the show, everyone else were told to leave except for VIP pass holders *Including me* So I got to meet Miyavi in person after the show! Yay!!! 

While being upstairs waiting to meet MYV, we can see Bobo (His drummer) and the rest of the crew drinking Stella Beer. They were extremely tired. We were told that they had just landed the night before and had a show in San Francisco. They are still on Japan time and had no time to rest.
Sorry this pic is blurry.

Last but not least, Here's a pic of me and Miyavi.
Here's our convo:
(Me): "What's uppp!!"
(Miyavi): "Wut's up!!"
*Shake hand*
(Me): This is actually the 3rd concert of yours that I've been to
(Miyavi): Oh yea? Where? Here?
(Me): No, well 2 here and one in Texas
(Miyavi): Oh!! 
*Handed him my silver pen to sign*
(Me): I know you must be really tired!
(Miyavi): Yeaaaaa... i'm hella tired.
*He flipped the VIP card over and was about to sign*
(Me): Umm Can you sign the front please?
*Miyavi quickly flips it back around*
(Miyavi) The front? Here??
(Me): Yea that's cool, Thanks.
(Miyavi): What's your name?
(Me): Rowie... R-O-W-I-E
(Miyavi): R...O...?? *Looks confused*
*Then I helped him spell it out slowly again*
*He signs*
We get up and I gave him a hug and took a picture together
(Miyavi): Thank you so much for coming out
(Me): Yea thanks! It's nice to meet you!
*Shake hand again*
(Me): See you again~ Byee!!
(Miyavi): Ok, Bye thank you :)

Here are my goodies:
His funny handwriting hahaha!
Got Signed Posters as well! *I'm going to frame these*

Another pic of my autographed Tag

Received 3 guitar picks ^^

That was the End of my Miyavi night >.< *Died inside seriously*

After the concert, we met up with our friend from Korea. He was with a Korean Celebrity Kim Tae Woo, Lead singer from the older K-Pop Group G.O.D. Do you know him? We stayed at the same hotel because it was a free stay :P

We didn't really hang out with each other, but we did meet. He was extremely busy. We ended up going to this Korean Restaurant. It appeared close but I guess they secretly open it for the Korean crowd who are looking for an after party. Our friend had to speak to them in Korean then they would unlock the door for us. hahaha! Anyway, we had so much food! It was delicious! We all together killed 10 bottles of Sojus and 6 pitchers of beers. Lots of Soju Bombs. Everyone got really really drunk. I got to meet up with my cousin Mai that I have not seen in ages too hehehe. Anyway, we stayed 2 nights at the hotel. Before I left, I found out that the hotel fees were actually paid for by Kim Tae Woo himself~ I felt so bad that I didn't thank him >.< That's because I really did not know @_@
The Invoice they gave me after I checked out >.<

The night after, we went to eat at *Shinsen Gumi Ramen* It was delicious!  This place got 4 stars out of 800+ reviews

We sat at the Tatami. hahaha

My Ramen came *Slurps*

So cool how the spoon clings to the edge of the bowl

Mini Gyoza!!

After that, I had to make a trip to my all time favorite store TAKASHIMA
It's got really cute Japanese cosmetics. They have everything!

I took a picture of the Tsubasa Board outside of the store, near the entrance

So this is what I bought...
Dolly Wink Eye Lashes

Bottom Lashes ^^

New AGEHA Magazine. I love their Magazines, that and JELLY and POPTEEN or POPSISTER

At night, we went out clubbing at EXCHANGE LA.
I've never seen so many Asian people put together in my life haha. It's like the hottest Asian Club in LA so far. We went for our friend's brother's birthday. They played great music because there was a special D.J. that night. He played all the popular Trance/House music. There was a Halloween Fashion show going on too. It was quite sexy. I never danced so much for a very long time. I even danced on stage at the end because my friend Amy dragged me up there hahaha.

The next day, Amy (aka Imalovejunkie) picked me up to go meet up with some Gals @ Getty's Center. We met up with a few girls and exchanged some cupcakes, cookies, Japanese bakery, Kimbab (From Amy and I) and Yakisoba. *Delish* We walked around the place.. it was huge!! the place looks amazing. I felt like Alice in wonderland in the gardens. Here are a few pictures. I'm still waiting for more to come
Looks so cool! At first I thought it was a Maze that we could walk in >.<

Self shot. Great Sunny Weather ^^

Body Shot ^^

Sachiko and I (My bangs got messed up eeeh)

A shot of Amy that I shot *Very Kawaii* my nickname is "Miss Photographer" hahaha

Anyway, that was my overall trip. There are more pics that we took but I have not received them yet. We later on went to eat at a Sushi restaurant @ the Pier in long beach before I caught my flight. We took one last group pic 

Beside the trip, I have bought a few new things...
Missha BB Cream. My friend gave me a sample of hers and I loved it so I bought my own in my own shade :) This BB Cream is probably the most popular brand now in Korea. It's got great ratings and many's favorites.
BB Creams (Blemish Balm, Made in Korea) have Vitamins and Skin healing properties. It gives you light coverage (ex: Blemishes) and makes it seem like you are not wearing makeup whatsoever.
The Back (Wish I knew what it said haha)

2 of the 3 shades (No. 21 is the lightest)

Comes with a small pump to help you pump out small amount at a time.

Also bought Lip glosses @ Sephora. So nice, it has many shades. They cost $10.00 each. Totally convenient I use it on top of my Tony Moly cherry lip tint ^^

Bought new leggings. They look like ribbons that wrap around your legs. It's so cool

Safety shorts in Black. I don't like wearing dresses or skirts without shorts under, so this is a great Idea haha

I.Fairy Ruby red Circle Lens from Pink Paradise >.< (They're still in transit. But I really cant wait)

And Last but not least i'm going to bomb this post with some autographs and a few of my celeb meets since this post was about meeting celebs
I met Yoshiki, last Miyavi's concert (last year I believe? in LA). We had a drink together *cheers*. I bought a glass of red wine for him that he ordered. He asked me where I lived and I said "I live in Las Vegas" and he said "Vegas is a Dangerous place" hahaha. Anyway. It was very cool, He's very nice and down to earth. We stayed for the after party. I got to meet MYV a little bit because he was in such a hurry. I also got to meet Sugizo from Luna Sea, he came too ^^

This is when I met Toshiya (Left Signature) and Die (Right signature) from Dir En Grey. Yes I know, my CD was upside down when I gave it to them to sign haha. All I remember was, Toshiya's hands were cold lol

Hizaki from Versailles

Jasmine You from Versailles (R.I.P) So sad that he passed away.. In a way, i felt lucky to have the chance to meet him before the tragic event. He was the nicest one and he truly made me laugh. I got him to wave at me back and as I did the happy move with my arms moving up and down like "Oh yea~ Oh Yeah!~" i looked back at him and he was imitating me and smiled at me like *I see you*.. hahaha So embarrassing but yet so cute.. *sighh*

Kamijo - Very Energetic and Handsome haha ~ he waved at me with 2 hands frantically hahaha and his Big "HI!" startled me~ gaa i'm such a fan girl hehehe.

Teru - Ultra cute! Shy guy though. But he's my fav. I kept waving at him too.. poor guy had to constantly wave back hahahah!!

Yuki - Ultra serious! haha we didn't really talk much. He's very calm and collected.
reason why I got 2 signed pictures is because after my first time getting my pictures signed, I went and bought another set for another round lol lol!!

Anyway. To end this post, If you guys are interested in trying out my own line of Rice Milk Soap, please let me know. I have free samples to give out ^^ I need as much reviews as I can about it. So far, I love it and my friends do too. Please read my last post for more information about it, or email me

Thanks all, Loves



Strawberry Cupcake said...

Great pics! You're soooo lucky to have met Miyavi! I'm so Jelly.

a.tad-bit.dorkii said...

AHHHHHHHH Miyavi is so cute!! The conversation between the two of you sounds so cute, so lucky to have such a good photo together hehe!

Looks & sounds like you've had an amazing time recently :) love love love your outfit in the bodyshot picture. I need to get me a nice animal print jacket like yours but its heating up in Australia so I wouldnt be able to wear it >.<

Come to think of it I should probably invest in safety shorts .. :P


Kiyomi said...

My nose started to bleed after the first pic! >.< just kidding~ but great pics and i loved this post : D

I want to go to LA as well (.__.) U r soooo cute<3

Maria May said...

Woah this post is full of goodies :O IM SOOOO JALOUS! AND MIYAVI ?! haaa~ wish it was me :3
You are so lucky and seems like the meeting with all the celebs was quite succesfull ^^

chiky said...

craaaaap!!!! I AM SERIOUSLY SOOOOO JEALOUS OF YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!! MIYAVI *_______* and Yoshiki... *_* what else can you ask for?!

how come there's never any concert when i go to LA??! :(

anwys ..Great pictures! <3 :)

Anon said...

aaaahhhhh.. i am totaally like overly jealous,. i envy you so much. If i were you i would go crazy when meeting miyavi.. man.. i would shake like a leaf! unbelievable.. !! i am so jealous.. i can't stand it... nooo... ii want to see a jrock concert now!!!!! honto....

An Tran said...

why is your life so amazing V____V I'm here stuck between college & work & no money to travel!!! lol i hope i can do that one day. you're very lucky! I love reading about your adventures! =)

[❤] Berrii Rowie Pop [❤] said...

@ Starberry Cupcake - Haha I felt as if it was unreal too! Whenever you buy a concert ticket, make sure that you ALWAYS buy the VIP pass. The outcome may be more than you expect ^^- That's why I always invest more money in VIP tickets and buy them early. (No matter how broke I am lol)

@a.tad-bit.dorkii - The post on the conversation that we had was just a brief summary based on my poor memories haha. I forgot what else we talked about since I was so dazed out ^__^ He was very HOT up close hehehehe!! Yea, i've been wanting those "Skorts" for a while because they would go well with long shirts. And as for the Animal print hoodie, If you have an H&M in australia, that's where I got it from. for $29.99USD. I fell in love with it because it was soo soft! like a blanket ^^

@Kiyomi - L.A. always have all sorts of events going on~ You should def. Travel there! They have the coolest hang out spots! hehe. Don't worry. I almost had a nose bleed at the concert as well lol.

@Maria May - Yea~ I never miss a concert hehe. Next month i'll be attending the K-Pop billboard concert at the MGM grand in Las Vegas. In the past, I have seen Many concerts, and met many celebs. Like Yoshiki, Sugizo, X-Japan concert, Miyavi, Versailles, VAMPS concert with Hyde, Avril Lavigne at the clubs (Her table was next to mine).. etc, etc.. I met so many I couldnt even count. I guess because you see them a lot living on the West Coast of U.S. and Yoshiki actually lives in L.A. so he'll most likely attend every Japanese concert there. I'm such a Fan girl haha.

@Chiky - Actually, I look up the concerts and where they will have it at, and then buy my ticket and book it. And while i'm there, I make the most out of my trip ^^ Don't skip your chances!! Book VIP tickets! hehe.

@Anon - Hahaha Well, I felt bad, I didn't want to keep him hangin' and hog him cuz there were more people behind me waiting to meet him as well, and he truely looked like he was Exhausted. He literally said "I am -Fucking- Tired" hahaha! and he ordered a lot of Stella Beer. a whole metal basket full w/ Ice ^^~ Just buy the ticket, then save up to make a trip to any JRock event near you. Make sure you book VIP! b the first and get all the privileges!

@An Tran - Actually, you'll never know how exiting you life is unless you take tons of pics of what you do everyday and blog about it. Plus moving to the West coast is a plus+++ cuz there are way more to do here. I agree that it's super dull in VA. but start attending events and such. Actually, I met Versailles when I lived in VA. They came to crystal city. Hyde came to Baltimore and so did Dir En Grey. Miyavi is actually going to perform in New York soon. Not sure if you're into Jrock but even if you're not, it would be a great experience. Then lastly, take lots of pics! ^^

prancing bee said...

It looks like you had a great weekend!
It makes me miss LA!
Exchange LA looks amazing. I can't believe that I haven't visited it before.

Anonymous said...

Miyabi...!!! OMG, all the photos you have attached are so cool! And you look so great in that black hair ay:) I like that. I used to use MiSSHA too! ;)

xxshinrai said...

OMG!! It was so enjoyable to read your blog pot about meeting Miyavi and many other celebs!! Wow.. felt like I was living vicariously through you haha you're so darn lucky! None of them will ever come to Australia unfortauntely T_T Maybe if jrock in general becomes more popular. I think right now everyone is really into KPOP (myself included). Oh well... YOU'RE SUCH A LUCKY GIRL and thank you for sharing with us ^0^ Getty's Centre also looks sooo nice! I've never seen such pretty scenery. Btw, Kim Tae Woo is crazy nice for paying your fees!! Actually, usually it's very customary in Korean culture to pay and treat your dongsaengs (those younger than you). So what he did was a very sweet and brotherly act ^^ so nice of him!

Btw I'm very interested in trying your new product ^^ Will you be able to send samples overseas?

Sana said...

Wow!!You had met so many vk celebs XD
I feel kidda envy since my idol,Satsuki,goes to USA so often these day.If I lived there I might get a chance to meet him,too >_<

I've just realized that there're many asian shops out there in the US.I really want to go to USA if I had a chance XDD

pinkstrawberrielove said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Riya~ said...

I'm loving all your pictures Rowie! I'm jealous you met Miyavi, I remember I was so into his music! Looks like you had a lot of fun and you got so much products! BTW, I really love love the smell of the sample soap! Thanks again! you're pretty as always! Sorry about the above post, I have two blog account and didn't realize I signed into the wrong account.

Yuri said...

I am glad you had so much fun in LA :D I love how Miyavi brought his daughter and it was so cute that you guys sang her happy birthday<3 I also love the picture of you and Miyavi you look great!

That is also extremely cool that you met some of the Dir en grey members and Versailles :D


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Rindodo ♥ said...

you have such a cute blog! btw I like the name of the ramen store~~~ shinsengumi! I've been a fan of shinsengumi though >.<~

[♚] Berrii Rowie Pop [♚] said...

@Prancing Bee - Exchange LA is actually a new spot. So it might not be there yet when you were there. But YES I did have a black ^^

@Lily- Thank you~ How do you like it? Is there any other good BB cream that you would recommend? I heard that Hanskin was pretty good as well ^^. But i picked Missa because they have lighter shade.

@xxxShinrai - Yes, Please send me an Email with your address. I'll send you a free sample. It may take some time right now as our Manufacturer is experiencing flood >.< But as soon as I receive them i'll send it out ^^ And i'm glad you like my post haha I love meeting celebs and learn about them, how they became who they are today and what type of personalities do they have hehe. Yea I cant believe he paid for my hotel stay either, But he got a very good deal because he came with the company.

@Sana - If you come, I would be glad to show you around ^^. I wish to be in Thailand right now because it's so cold >.<

@Riya - glad you like the soap, How did it feel? Please write me a review whenever you get the chance. I would love to hear from you ^^

@Yuri - Yea.. I cant believe it myself. Sometimes, when you attend many concerts you get really lucky ^^ They don't come often so I always have to grasp that opportunity when they are near hehe.

@RIndodo - Thank you so much ^^ Yea, they are samurai clans huh? I learned that from that Kenshin Anime haha

vivalaivy said...

lovely post. you're so lucky! and yes LA seems gorgeous. :) btw your makeup looks great, love how you've done your eyes ;)

Midori Kaiide said...

chanceuse! omg! je te retrouve ds le blog de meme par azare! =))) Tu as rencontrer Myavi ahhh!!! HOTTT!

[♚] Berrii Rowie Pop [♚] said...

@ Vivalaivy - Thank you so much!! Although I think I did my eyes too dark for the sunny weather >.<

@Midori Kaiise - haha comment tu sais que je pouvais parler francais? ^^ J'ai lus que t'habites a Montreal, Quel parti? Moi j'habitais pres du Metro St-Laurent hehe. Je n'ai pas visiter Montreal il y a longtemp alors je me demande si quelque chose a beaucoup changer labas >.< Anyway, oui je l'ai rencontre hehehehehe!! ^^ Il a l'air plutot tres tres fatiguer apres le concert alors je ne voulais pas trop le derranger en demandent trop de questions ^^

Midori Kaiide said...

Oui! et bien on s'etait adder depuis tres longtemps sur myspace genre! Tu conaissais mon cousin David King quand tu habitais ici a mtl!Jme rappelais oui que tu parlais francais car tu habitais ici! hihih! Oui et bien les choses on changer a Mtl c'est sure! Ca va la bas?Je ne me rappele plus ou tu avais demenager! jme rappele que c'est au states mais pas plus! On m'appelais Lyly ds le temps!Tu as tellement changer! Tu reste tjs aussi belle! Oui! chanceuse! Je comprend pour lui! Il est quand meme aussi beau apres le spectacle! =)))

xiaoqing♥Aki said...

Ahhh I envy you!! I really love miyavi too! Lucky youuu! >< Sadly he don't travel to SG for tour. Argggh.

✘✗✘ R●wie P●p ベリー♚ said...

@ Midori Kaiide - Ohhhh!! Lyly!! je me rapelle de toi la!! hahaha ca va bien???? Est ce que tu m'a adder dans facebook? J'ai cree un autre compte il y a quelque temps parce que le precedent c fait deleter >.< Y'avais un hacker qui a hacker mon ancient Facebook :( r'ajoute-moi! "Rowie Sou"

@xiaoqing♥Aki - Hey hey!! ^^ He went to Thailand I remember and SG is really close to Thailand isit not? anyway, i'm sure he'll make a trip there someday, SG is such an awesome place >.< I missss it!!!! I want to visit the newly made universal studio there !! I have yet to check out Sentosa and dine on SG flyer lol!! I didn't do much tourist stuff when I was there.. Just hung out with friends lol

xiaoqing♥Aki said...

Hahahha! Miyavi roooccck~ Hahahaa. Yeaaaaah thailand is really near singapore! Hahahaha. I couldn't travel aloneee, hahaha, my mum would kill me. Roaaar. I've yet to visit sg flyer! But uss is quite fun! ^^. You should visit~

✘✗✘ R●wie P●p ベリー♚ said...

lol~ Well, in that case, you should ask her to come with you lol! I saw him in concert 3 times~ Enjoyed it much each time ^^. Anyway, I have been to Universal studios 3 times in Florida and 1 Time in California. I never get bored of it! >.< I wonder if SG one is any different :P

Shabwouina said...

Haaan la chance, ça claque la photo avec Miyavi quand même hein !! Petite chanceuse! :p

✘✗✘ R●wie P●p ベリー♚ said...

@ Shabwouina: Hehehe!! ouaiiippeee ^^