New picture of today

This post will be rather short as I don't have much to talk about~ All I did today was go to class all day >.< However, good news~ I got an A on my midterm *hurray*. After working from 6:30pm until 4:30am at a Norebang or KTV or Karaoke Studio, I had only 4 and 1/2 hours of sleep then off to class to take an exam and did a lot of serious writting.
Pictures taken before my evening class. *Cam whoring again*

Anyway, I've made a new page dedicated to Gyaru Fashion on Las Vegas. Even though you're not from Las Vegas, please take the time to come like the page. I posted a lot of cute Gyaru pictures on there. I really want to meet other GALS around my area since I never really have time to do meet-ups in LA.

Let's Spread the news!

On top of that, I also made a Facebook page for my new soap brand. On there you can read about all the ingredients and their benefits on the skin~

Let's talk about my cooking class~ I took a bunch of pictures since it is my funnest class~ because of course we get to cook and then eat right after keke. For those who are wondering, I am proudly studying at UNLV (University of Nevada, Las Vegas), Majoring in Hospitality Management. This school is the #1 hotel school in the U.S. and ranked #2 in the world. However, due to its location, it would be the most ideal spot to receive full-on experience in which would maximize your learning process to further prepare you for your future career in Hospitality.

*Anyway enough talking*
My station. We are preparing chicken stock to make our paprika chicken sauce.

Each team of 4 have our own stations. Look at the chef uniform haha! I look like a midget in it because XS looks oversized on me still~ I look totally "HIP-HOP" in this outfit~ too bad no pics of me. Maybe next time haha

Last quick picture of the kitchen.

Here are all the dishes we made. Looks delish~ I snapped this while my professor was talking~ he stopped and told me to go ahead and snap away lol

I think that's it for now. I'm probably going to blog some more next time~ Please read my previous post, It's a lot more entertaining than this one~ it's filled with pictures ^^ 


Anonymous said...

hey! you look cuter in black hair rather than blond I think! x)♪

[♚] Berrii Rowie Pop [♚] said...

@ Thanks~ I was told that my hair looks healthier in black :)

Jen said...

You're so pretty <33

The food looks so good *drool* I really have to stop looking at food at 2am XD

Shabwouina said...

Ohh !! Rowie ! Ca fait longtemps !! :) Ca fait plaisir de te revoir ^^ On se parlait sur Myspace il y a très longtemps lol

Thanks for following my blog!! I hope you still can't understand my french :p

I'm a new follower now!

You're pretty as always :)


Yuri said...

You look adorable<3
And the food looks so good! Taking a cooking class sounds fun :]
Congrats on your midterm :D

★00★ said...

Wow you're rocking the black hair!!! I dig it so much *___* !!! And yay for noms! Oohohoho I wish I can take classes like that...

Midori Kaiide said...

toujours aussi jolie! surtout en noir! =))) <3 tu etudie en bouffe? ouahhh!!! chanceuse! =D

Sana said...

wow,your cooking class is pretty interesting.I always want to take a cooking class but my dad disagree so I've never taken one = =

your theme blog is very nice,I haven't yet figured out how to fix mine XD

✘✗✘ R●wie P●p ベリー♚ said...

@ Jen: hahaha then I suggest not to stop by my blog after a certain time because you will often see food lol

@ Shabwouina: Haha~ Of course I still remember my french! haha. Wow wow!! Myspace~ C'est tres ancient ca hahaha!~ Je l'utilise meme plus >.< Anyway, j'suis contente que t'as pu me retrouver ^^ Need to keep in touch with old myspace friends hehe <3

@Yuri: Thank you very much~ Cooking class IS fun, although you do feel like you're doing your shift at work haha

@★00★: Thanks~ Mannnn i'm really starting to miss lighter hair though hahaha!.. I need to keep telling myself to think about "having to take care of the growing roots" if they were black to blonde.. And also to think about my hair's poor health lol

@Midori Kaiide: Haha Mercie Bcp ^^. Non je n'etudie pas en bouffe mais plutot en Hotel Management donc il faut que j'apprend un peu sur chaque category. ^^ Its pretty fun ^^

@Sana: Hey Sana ^^ Yes it is fun, but i'm studying Hotel Management and I guess they make you get in touch with every subjects that has to do with the hospitality industry. That's why they make us cook I guess haha

cominica said...

you look sooo damn cuuteeeeeee >___<
btw how can i follow you? i dont find a follower box D:

✘✗✘ R●wie P●p ベリー♚ said...

@Cominica: Thanks~ Lol! oh you can follow people by clicking "follow" all the way on the top left right next to the search bar

Sana said...

I used to want to study in that field also.If I were to study in the future,I'd choose to study that one XD

I just love cooking too much XD

Christina said...

Your class looks soo much fun and yummmy >.< also love your new background^^

✘✗✘ R●wie P●p ベリー♚ said...

@Sana: haha yea Hotel Management is pretty fun~ you have to learn about everything haha What r you studying now?

@Christina: Thanks! We actually made Seafood yesterday ^^ Our team's dish was the best haha. Thanks. I wanted to get a less Kiddy layout haha

xiaoqing♥Aki said...

Omg, Hahaha, hi Rowie! I've always been stalking your blog! Hahahaha! O(≧∇≦)O I've followed youuu!

✘✗✘ R●wie P●p ベリー♚ said...

@ lol! Cool~ Thanks for following me! you can stalk me all you want! haha Now I think i'm going to have to make my blog more interesting lol

Sana said...

I'm graduating in Arts field,my major is Information Science...actually it's library thingy,so boring =3=

Sabiin said...

You look so cute!^^ And the food looks really yummy xD Cooking classes seems like lot of fun. I like to cook but unfortunately I'm not very good at it, only at making salads haha^^"

fifi said...

I wish I could cook that! D: damnit...

Wny_ningyou said...

Nice photos!
Lovely <3

wanna follow each other?


Ken said...

how cute!

i am following you now!

please visit my new site!

Shabwouina said...

Oww yeahhh !! En effet tu parles toujours très bien français !! ;)
Yep..Myspace is so old now, i also don't use it since several years lol
It can't be used as a blog i think.
En tout cas ça me fait plaisir de connaître ton blog car j'appréciais te parler sur Myspace^^

je m'abonne à ton blog by the way! Bisous

Yuri said...

Lol I need to keep that in mind.
BTW I love your new layout :D It looks gorgeous<3

xiaoqing♥Aki said...

I love coookingggggggggggg. It seems like so much fun! Hahahaha!

✘✗✘ R●wie P●p ベリー♚ said...

@ Sana - Doesn't sound bad hahaha~ you should study in something that you enjoy ^^

@Sabin - Lol its the opposite for me, I can cook but I get way too lazy to do it most of the time haha, but anyway, it's all about practice really. Then after you're comfortable with it, you'll most likely cook by feel.

@ Wny_ningyou - Thank you~ I already followed you ^^

@Ken - Thanks for the link ~ I visited it and your layout is so unique haha it's cool and interesting. I followed you :)

@Shabwouina - Thanks ^^~ Blah, je trouve que mon Francais est devenue tres moche la hahaha en plus pour pouvoir bien m'expressioner, c toujours plus facile de tapper ou parler en Anglais selon moi >.< Ahh~ Really.. I wish I still had great French writting skills. Now I feel like it's so chopped up >.< But yea, Nice talking to you too ^^ Glad u found me again since myspace is so dead lol

@Yuri - Thanks ^^ I tried lol.. Actually I re-updated my banner. haha

@ xiaoqing♥Aki - Yea its fun when you are craving for something, then you look it up and make it!!!.. It happened to me when I made spicy tuna on crispy rice haha

@Fifi - lol~ Well whenever I want to learn how to cook something I usually look the recipe up online ^^

missbebedoll said...

I'm checking the gyaru page now.. but it gives me a "Page not Found" error message :( you made those soaps? cool!! :D

P.S. you look so gorgeous on the photos there! <3 so pretty gyaru! :)


Anney said...

Your gorgeous! I'm following ^-^ and thank you for following my unknown blog, hoho.