♥New flix ♥ New Buys ♥ New Product ♥

Before I start my blogging about other things, I would like to introduce you to my new favorite facial soap "Lynda" Facial soap.  ^^
Here it is! ~ So beautiful ^^ Did you know that I don't Photoshop my skin whatsoever? It is Naturally smooth, white, minimal blemishes and no acne. What's my secret? It's because I cleanse my face with Rice water. Rice water makes face smooth and white... Now there's good news.. We started making All natural facial soap made of Rice milk and Jasmine. Another benefit of this soap is that there are added vitamins to help improve your skin even more. 
(My bare face with no makeup and after wash) - Bottom of pic a bit blurry because I used a professional camera and I cant really focus the lens right when taking self portrait.. There's no screen where you can look at yourself

All Natural Ingredients include: Coconut-Oil, Palm Oil, Glycerin, Sodium Hydroxide Solution, Vitamin C, Milk Solution, Young Rice Grains, Oatmeal Grains and Vitamin E.

 $5.00 for small size bar (65g) (as seen above)
$8.00 for larger size soap bar

(Free Samples will be available upon request). I only have limited free samples and will have more available soon. If you want to try it out, please send me an email and we can make arrangements
This version is just the prototype, it is the first batch ever made. there will be a few corrections on the packaging. ^^


- Whitens skin
- Fights Acne
-Nourishes skin 
-Safe to use on dry skin
-Reduces oil in oily skin
-Reduces blemishes
-Vitamin E - Anti-Oxidants and Anti-Inflammatory effect 
-Vitamin C - Growth and Repairs tissue
-Reduces Aging

♥Introducing some new buys♥

[Ultra cute Tony Moly Lip Tint] My lips are always so chapped and dry and every time I apply Lipstick, it always peels out, therefore, I decided to purchase the lip tint. Have you ever watched the drama "Boys Over Flower" Korean Version?
Her Lips are so cute!
Also available in Pink ♥

(Click Following pics for Enlargements)
Here's a pic of me without the lip tint

This is after the Lip Tint (First put on chap-stick, Then put few daps of Tony Moly lip tint in the inner lip, use finger to dap, then top with gloss) - By the way, That's my new furry jacket that i'm wearing.. I love hoods and furs, it's so perfect to put them together ^^

And my old platform boots broke, So I bought new ones, just that this time it is closed toe's and there are shoe laces and sew designs. I love it ^^

Another Day @ Sambalatte


Cafe Latte (Kawaii)

Siffon Coffee~ *Hawt*

 Have you Ever tried Buca Di Beppo?
Italian restaurant. So Delicious
Cheese and Lobster Dip *yummy*

The Pasta was delicious!

the inside of the restaurant is so traditional. It gives you a cozy feel, and the dishes are family portions, just how you dine in Italia ^^

First time trying Swish Shabu-Shabu & Sukiyaki (Japanese-Style Hot Pot)

My Messy Side of the Table + My Kirin beer.

After Dining here, I was so in love with the food~ You should try it, they have various branches in the US. Look it up ^^


Riya~ said...

Omg, I love all your pictures and you are so pretty even with the lip tint on as well. Your skin is flawless and I think I would like to try a sample of it (sending an email right now). Please do more post, I do enjoy reading your post.

Haku said...

How I wish my skin was like yours! I hate my freckles so badly! TT TT And so white too, beautiful!

Haku said...

Oh, and I really wanna give your soap a try I used to use rice water back with my mother to cleanse/rise/clean my face morning and evening, so nice! :3

[❤] Berrii Rowie Pop [❤] said...

Riya - Thanks! I'll be checking my email and start packaging the free samples, I'll probably be able to send it out after this weekend :P I'm glad you enjoy reading my blog. Ill keep posting more often :P

Haru - Freckles are super cute though ^^ Yea rice water helps a lot. This soap will provide that smooth feel and it will whiten your skin more and it has some vitamins added to it to help your skin even more than plain rice water :) Send me an email with your address and i'll send you one <3

Anonymous said...

Hey! Nice color lenses! Shiny lil dark purple eyeshadow will be cool with them for sure!!

[❤] Berrii Rowie Pop [❤] said...

LiLy- Thanks! The contacts are Sesame Grey from Princess Mimi (Tsubasa's Contacts) I love them but time to buy myself new ones.. they're getting old haha!

An Tran said...

i love your skin lol
and OMG i want to try the soap so bad!! I'd tried papaya soap but this one seems so much better! argghh i want one!!

[❤] Berrii Rowie Pop [❤] said...

Haha ok! Email me your Address, i'll send u a free sample

An Tran said...

omgah really!? emailing now =D

Sana said...

Hi,I've just happened to stumble on your blog while searching about poupee,I thought you wrote about that long ago anyway.
Well,I found your blog is very interesting so I decided to created a blog here to continue reading your post.
Anyway,hope we could be frieands.

[❤] Berrii Rowie Pop [❤] said...

@Sana- I'm so glad that you like my blog, thank you, especially the fact that you made a blog just to read my post. I'll try to post more often. Btw, I do need to get back on that poupee girl thing haha

Sana said...

Actually,I just got back to poupee also.I think it's kidda boring without friends but I the items are so tempting XD

btw,I've read your previous post about beautiful ppl,too.I really like it coz I was the same and now I'm trying to improve my looks also.I was surprised you know Nong Poy,too XD

Jasmin said...

Thanks for introducing Tonymoly´s lip tint ^^. I think i will get my hands on it next time and test it!!

♪ Vernissagw and Cream ♫

[❤] Berrii Rowie Pop [❤] said...

@ Sana - It does get boring after a while, that's why I'm taking a break from it.. I'm sure i'll be hyped up for it again someday lol.

Thanks about the previous post. I guess everyone is somewhat similar in trying to improve more and more, soon the world will be filled with beautiful people hahaha. Anyway Gotta do it quick before getting old lol. Yea I know who Nong Poy is hahaha. Actually, when I was in Thailand, I saw her in real life. She was so pretty and tall (for a girl) Short for a guy of course lol.. But on the other hand, her friend that was with her looked like...straight Katoey. haha I guess they call it *Penh toot* in Thai hahahaha!...*Mokay, gotta stop making fun of them now lol

Sana said...

You've visited Thailand,too?That's cool ^ ^
You know at my university,the facalty I'm studying is full of ladyboys XD I think I'm getting used to them somehow.Some of them even more beautiful than real female = =
btw,do you have facebook account?I'd be glad to contact you there.

P.S.I really have hard time editing theme and find friends here T^T

Danii said...

Great blog! You're so pretty :) and boys over flowers was an awesome drama!

[❤] Berrii Rowie Pop [❤] said...

@ Sana - Yea I did hahaha! I love it there!! Yea Lady boys are fun to watch, they're so flamboyant hahaha. And I do agree that many look better than real girls.. They worked so hard, I respect their hard work ^^~ Yes I do, look me up "Rowie Sou". Add me up ^^

@ Danii- Thank you~ How sweet ^^. It was hahaha! I love the actors!

Sana said...

Wow,you speak Vietnamese?
You know I know a bit of Vietnamese also XD
I enrolled Vietnamese 1 in my university last year,I found it hard to pronounce XD
btw,already added you in fb ^w^

[❤] Berrii Rowie Pop [❤] said...

@ Sana - I speak like 5 languages. lol

Vietnamese, Lao, Thai, English, French ^^

Just that I'm mostly fluent in Englishand French haha

★Mel said...

omg! i need that lip tint!

Thanks for the review, all that food looks so yummy! Macarons are delicious!

Bunny kisses (' x ')<3

[❤] Berrii Rowie Pop [❤] said...

I'm loving all the Tony Moly products! you should check out their stuff... Super cute <3 haha. Thanks. I love taking pics of the food I eat, it's like a delicious art hehehe and I do agree Macaroons are delish*

Midori Kaiide said...

so kweel! I was about to buy that lip tint too!!! YEY! got a review from you! And it looks good! ... now...gtg to ebay! hahaha! =D