Beautiful People ❥

beau·ty  (byt) n. pl. beau·ties
The quality that gives pleasure to the mind or senses and is associated with such properties as harmony of form or color, excellence of artistry, truthfulness, and originality.

Some say that beauty lies only within and that looks don't matter. But the truth is, everyone is superficial. Unless proven otherwise. Those with good looks achieve more in life and the ones that stand out the most will probably be more successful than others. I really admire those who put a lot of time and effort into their looks. Their progress really shows. It takes a lot to become beautiful, it does not just come naturally. I mean sure, some are born with perfect face shapes, perfect bodies, perfect features..However, If one does not accentuate those features then it will never be noticed. By saying that, I mean that it takes many years to learn how to perfectly apply your makeup, do your hair or dress fashionably. The information is not always there for you to grasp, no one will tell you exactly how to do things. You just have to go out there, experiment and have trials and errors. To those out there who don't feel pretty enough, don't be discouraged. There is always room for improvement. Little by little, if you fix your every little flaw, you will eventually bloom into a more-than-average person, or even possibly, a goddess of beauty--One that many girls would want to be like, and that many guys would want to date. Dream no more about looking like your pretty girl friend or your idol, look beyond that and aim to look even better *It's possible*.

To tell you the truth, I was once an ugly duckling from since I was young. I was the one who always experienced one-sided love. I was the only one that didn't have a boyfriend among my friends in my teenage years. I was the one with the lowest self-esteem ever. I had untamed, short, wavy/frizzy hair, buck teeth, lots of pimples on my forehead, no style because I always used to be a tomboy, bushy eye-brows, and super shy. Every time I looked at my pictures or the mirror, it made me so angry at myself..."WHY" why can't I be born as pretty as all the other girls?! It really didn't hit me until many of my crushes would not even be interested in me and instead they would prefer dating my friends. So from then until now, I seriously tried all makeup styles that you could think of and didn't know jack about how to apply makeup. I didn't even know how to do my eyebrows. I tried applying mascara on it and it made my bushy eyebrows even bushier looking... I plucked my eyebrows to the point where I had almost none left and looked like a monk... I tried the dark brown lipstick that all the girls wore back then, but it made my buck teeth even more noticeable..people laughed at my style because when Bell bottoms were in, I still wore wide legged flowery pants (elephant pants)...But finally after many many years (over a decade) of learning and experimenting,I can say that I am now at a comfortable zone.. I feel very proud of my achievements, and I assure you that years later I will make sure that I improve even more and more...I am not yet at the level that I would like to be, but I feel very comfortable in my skin now (Maybe a little bit of tweaks here and there would help)...Also another booster of why I worked so hard on my looks, it's because I got tired of getting dumped for another girl or cheated on in previous relationships.. My thoughts were to mold myself into someone who would far surpass those girls.. So far ahead that they wouldn't even be worth comparing or feeling inferior to.. I just didn't mold my outer appearance, but developed more talents and skills as well. That way, it would feel like I was their loss.

Pics of me recently..

(Fought with sweat and blood to reach this level.. Still have a lot room for improvements)

So Today, I would like to celebrate all the beautiful people that I have discovered.. I respect all their efforts.. Even plastic surgery is considered an effort.. it is a sacrifice that you would have to go through for beauty..I can tell that these girls have gone through a lot to attain their "looks". Hate them or love them, they worked hard. *claps claps claps*!

[Angela Baby]

[Masuwaka, Tsubasa]

[Riho Nishiyama]

[Isabelle Yang Qi Han]

[Nira Chan (left)]

[Janice Man (left)]


[Ayuki Huang Meixi]

[Viann Zhang Xinyu]


[Huang Yilin]

[Dawn Yang]

[Gui Xue Sha]

[Xia Xue]

[Nong Poy]

- Here's the catch... she was born as a male :) *Talk about great efforts*

...& Many More...

Photoshop-ed you say? --I Say Whatever. Photoshop is also another form of "work" to enhance beauty. You may argue with me that many of these women are beautiful in the pictures because they have been enhanced via photoshop. It's not the woman that I admire, it is the picture itself--It is beautiful, and they did a great job portraying beauty. Also, you cannot rule out all the internet beauties as being Fake-- It's not like they ALL have super advanced photoshopping skills. It irks me when people just bluntly accuse others of being pretty solely because of Photoshop. (Yes I have been a victim myself and have now stopped using it to the extreme or not at all). I used to view it as a tool of art. You bring out vivid colors, you highlight your best features, you tweak your little flaws then you are labeled as A fake beauty. I wonder why people think so negatively? Is it because they don't believe that pretty people exist? I wonder what type of world they live in because I see some at least once in a while. Anyway, all I can say to those people is "Quit being a hater. See them in real life first before you judge, and not try to dig out bad pictures and quickly make false assumtions..They may simply be Bad pictures-It Happens to everyone right?"

That's All ^_^


Haku said...

I love this post.

[❤] Berrii Rowie Pop [❤] said...

Thanks :) haha Sorry you had to read my prototype lol. I now made the fonts at a legible size and shape. Thanks again for being the first to comment ^^

shia said...

This post was inspirational and helped lift my spirits up~
Think a lot of girls can relate to this! Even with myself, I'm still not 100% happy with my appearance, and occasionally use Photoshop to tweak my photos, but overall I'm content with how I am today =]

An Tran said...

Looks like you & I have more in common than I thought. No one else really puts out there that they try really hard to look pretty & then get put down because of it. Also, I know a lot of those girls that you mentioned! So cool!

[❤] Berrii Rowie Pop [❤] said...

@ Shia - I'm glad that my post was able to inspire you. It's ok to tweak your pictures as long as pretty pictures come out :) Consider it as your work of art. Beauty in any shape or form is indeed an "art".

@An - Yes, but comparing me to you at your age, you have such a higher advantage than me :) You are taller and prettier to begin with. You still have lots of room to grow since you are still young. I think my looks will start declining soon - I'm getting old hahaha.

spacebeats said...

i'd say this is very inspirational Rowie, this post gave lots of courage to those people that lacks confidence and i just happen to be one of them. long ago i had the same experience as you are, i feel your pain and struggling. i agree with the art stuff~ i'm not a confident person but now i am more assured after reading your post ^_^ thanks to you!

Christina said...

Your post was beautifully written it really made me take a few steps back and realize things in my life... I'm still trying to improve myself and this post gave me courage and an awaking. and im still dealing with awful people **cough boys cough** in my life >.>

Sakuranko said...

Hehhehe they are really beautiful...

Sakuranko Blog


[❤] Berrii Rowie Pop [❤] said...

spacebeats - I'm glad I'm able to give you some confidence ^^ The more you love your look, the more confident you become, the more effort you put in your looks and the more compliments you get ^^ (That makes you even more confident~ It's like a spiral haha)

Christina- Ahh don't worry about the boys.. If you're unhappy about your looks, just think that you have not yet fully bloomed and you will show them that you'll be unattainable to them ^^

Sakuranko - Yes they are ^^

Yuri said...

I love this post, I agree with everything that you are saying. I feel the same way, that everything is just efforts and they are all different forms of beauty, people shouldn't judge any of that.

Also, I admire you for telling your story. I am still trying to find myself with what I am comfortable with. So it was nice to be able to relate to you :]

Anonymous said...

I just discovered your blog while typing Zhang Xin Yu 'cause she's so pretty! I saw her on tumblr and decided to google her name. Anyways, this post is AWESOME. A bunch of people I know should read it. Your story is similar to mine, with high school and makeup, people are mean. -_-
I agree, everyone says that beauty is inside, but it means nothing, 'cause even if younger I was nicer than other girls in high school, people always laughed at me because I was really ugly. T_T Everyone is superficial, even me.
Years later now, I recently did a double eyelid surgery and I don't regret it at all. This surgery brought me more confidence for sure.
I really hope one day you'll be fully satisfied with your appearance :) You're beautiful! Keep posting, this is an interesting blog. ^_^