Hello Saturday O(≧∇≦)O

Finally My Day Off!!
 Anyway, while on the way out I Took some pics with my new phone because I recently just cut My bangs, I felt as if my hair was getting too plain.

Leopard Print Bear Ears (H&M)

Regarding the Berrii Rowie Shop Website, I just recently made some Lolita dresses Purchaseable, they are so cute! I'm probably going to wear an outfit to our next convention when I become one of the dealers~ Sell cute Lolita Dresses, Accessories and Kigurumis <3
Here's one I find very Sweet <3~ Only $69.99 and comes with inner skirt as well (Sizes XS - XXL)

There's also the classic lolita styled dresses that is super cute and gives off a more simple and mature look.

Circle Lens
My Favorire color in Circle lens had always been Hazel, Brown or Grey Colors. But this time, I may consider the newest pink ones and give it a try ^^ My Shop (Berrii Rowie Shop) had been quite popular with selling the pink ones and since its fame had been growing, I figured-Why not. Not only do we cary the infamous "Nudy" lens that gives out a moon-like arc, but we now have "Super Nudy" which is significantly larger than regular. *All the bloggers have been going GaGa about Pink Circle Lens*. I must admit, they look quite sweet *Anime-Like Eyes*~ Chotto Kawaii!!

Anyway, I'm so hungry now. About to go to Chinatown...
Exactly this Plaza is where i'm heading~ No, not for Chinese food, but instead I will indulge my taste buds with Flavored Soju and Korean Style Fried Chicken *Yum Yum*

At this Very Place Right Here ^_^:

Oh~ I almost forgot. Sorry I must Blog alot today because I've skipped for a while. So here I am bombarding you with Texts and Pictures~ Hahaha. Anyway. I have to post up the Delicious food that I had at the "All you can Eat" Sushi restaurant *Tokyo Sushi House*. You will be amazed after you see all the food I had for $19.99 (Luckily, I stopped by on their 1 Year anniversary where they had a Dinner special).

Seaweed Salad

Spicy Tuna Tatar

Spicy Tuna Rolls

Vegas Rolls (Crunchy)

Salmon Skin Salad (Sorry I took the pic after we Began eating haha)

Fresh Delicious Oysters !

Baked Lasagna Roll

Quail Egg Shooters (With Sake)

Ikura - My favorite! <3

No Name (Because I forgot haha) But it has a Sour Hint and Freshness

Delicious Sweet Shrimp~ Yes Head is Edible too ^^ Deep fried like Softshell Crab.

Cucumber Salad and Fresh Tuna On Seeweed Salad (Sonomori?) I believe

Fried Green Tea Ice Cream (Crunchy vs. Soft, Warm vs. Cold)

Delicious Peach and Strawberri Saketini To top it all off

Feeling Hungry now? hahaha (゚ー゚)(。_。)

Anyway~ Time To Head off Now~ Gotta Drop Mochii (My puppy) Off at Home then Head off to Bazic **Bye Bye**


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