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Had a Long Fun week So far~ My Little Brother is in town From Virginia (6 hrs of Flight Away). We went to Bazic and Karaoke Had Lots of Soju (Chilled Korean Rice Wine)~~ All diff flavors Flavors (Strawberry, Yogurt, Peach, Grand Blue, And Regular) :P~ I think My Favorite is Yogurt. It's Very easy to make and it is Many's favorite flavor:

 1) Poor Half a Bottle of Soju in a Jugg or Bottle

 2) Add 1 Bottle of Yogurt Drink (Comes in Very Tiny Bottles in Packs)

 3) Fill the other half with Sprite and stir well.

 4) ヘ(^_^ヘ)(ノ^_^)ノ Tadda!! Pour in Shot Glasses and *One Shot!*

☆★~To Buy List~☆★
1. Gold + Silver + Liquid Black Tights (I love Tights~ I have all kinds of Designs, Mostly I like to wear the ones with Cuts :P)

2. More Oversized V-Neck or Shoulder Shirts (Especially Black and Long Sleeved~ those that comes down to almost my Knees)

3) Rolling Stones + English Flag Tee <3

4) Fingerless Biker-Style Leather Gloves

5) Fur Wolf Hood

6) Hair Crimper

7) Leather  Biker Boots ^_^

8) Candy Doll Glosses ^^

9) Revlon Make Mine mango/Sweet Tart/Electric Pink

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