1 Night at Norebang

We had a get together today for Norebang session, and I think it got a bit out of hand because I have a final exam tomorrow >_< Anyhow, this week will be full of celebrations because It's my grad week, and a bunch of friends will be flying in as well. Plus, I'll finally be free from the agony of school... 

With Marco ^^ ~ Lighting from the sun is always the best when taking pictures. But that thing was shinning in my eyes *squints*

With Yo-Sub Lee, Jacob Mintae Kim, Antonio Cheon & James Eng *celebration*~ digging my new hot pink LA hat (Thanks Jacob) <33
Jacob wanted me to take a pic of his Jordans. What a baller haha

Finally, ended the night with Zach chillen' outside~ *sorry for the selfies overload hahaha*... with Yo-Sub missing in action, I'd say it was a successful night lol

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